The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass 2.0 ®

2020 The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass - Everything you need to know about Instagram Marketing in one course
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4,979 students
Learn how to create professional and powerful content for Instagram in just a few minutes
Learn how to build and grow your business or personal brand on Instagram
Learn how you can monetize your Instagram account to start making money out of it through Instagram promotions, affiliate marketing, and more
Learn how to grow your following consistently by setting goals and reaching milestones using our formulas
You will be able to learn about Instagram optimization and growth where we will show you how we created an Instagram page and grew it from 0 to 1000 followers in 21 hours
Learn about the power of the Instagram Viral Equation that will help you create content that can potentially go viral and produce tremendous organic growth
Explore the world of Instagram paid advertising , and how you can use it to get better conversion rates and exponential growth
Build a professional Instagram marketing and growth plan that most people disregard. You will learn to apply concepts such as target audience identification, niche and sub-niche systemization, and more
Learn about Instagram influencers, how to grow and become an influencer, as well as other systems related to brand ambassadors


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I am very excited to share all my knowledge with each and every one of you. One of the best things in the world is seeing people grow. I uploaded this course for each and every person out there to benefit from it, learn from it, and hopefully, change his life through it. If anybody needs any extra help, please do let me know. 

This course is not for you if you are not willing to commit to using the formulas and systems you will learn.

I noticed that the majority of people who disliked the course had a progress rate of 5%. Those who enjoyed it learned from it and applied what they learned became successful, and you can do the same if you are willing to commit to it.

This training program is not going to be a bunch of random information thrown at you. We built this training program to specifically tackle every problem you can encounter when you are trying to grow your account.

You will learn through video presentations that we provided, as well as articles, e-books, schedules, youtube videos and websites you can use to help you grow faster and better. Every single lecture is positioned to tackle one problem at a time. .

Want to Become An Instagram Business and Marketing Genius? Want to Grow Your Business, Scale It, and Automate it? Want to Increase Sales Through Organic Funnels? Want to Become an Opinion Leader on Instagram and Grow Your Page. This course will go through the ins and outs of Instagram!

Enjoy it!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people who are serious about growing their personal name, business, or brand on Instagram.

Course content

10 sections65 lectures1h 56m total length
  • An Instagram Marketing Plan That Actually Works
  • The Marketing Plan Objectives
  • Finding Your Instagram Marketing Niche - Discover What Your Sub-Niche Is
  • Creating A Content Strategy Plan
  • Instagram Competitors Analysis
  • Building An Instagram Marketing Plan


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Mr. El Charif comes from a long line of teachers and instructors, so teaching comes naturally to him. He tutored his colleagues and friends through university and kept helping students out long after he graduated with honors in 2008.

Louay also led a successful career in volley-ball. He played as a division A player for 10 years since he was 18, became a member of his country's national team at the age of 20 for more than 6 years, and was his team's captain for 5 years. 

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