Instagram Essentials

Learn Instagram from the Setting up you Profile to investigating some Instagram Revenue Streams.
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How to setup an Instagram Profile
Methods of Growing Your Instagram Account
What Content Should I Post on Instagram
Some Instagram Revenue Streams
What is the Instagram Direct Messaging Method
How to Make Money with Instagram


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In this course we are focusing on 5 different Instagram topics:  the Instagram profile setup (the basic Instagram setup); Instagram Growth Tactics (how to gain followers); Instagram Content Strategies (utilizing stories and posts to gain a personal connection and business respect with your followers); several Revenue Streams that you can profit from; and the exposure to the Instagram Direct Messaging  (DM) Method that utilizes what you have learned in the earlier lessons and Instagram’s DM to generate some more revenue.

Each lesson of the Instagram Essential course builds on the previous lesson.  Topics are arranged in an order that even somebody never exposed to Instagram will be able to understand.   As lessons progress, new topics are explored and previously taught topics are reinforced and built upon.  The final lesson incorporates many of the previous lesson further detailing a single method of making money by closing deals and making sales using Instagram’s Direct Messaging.

At the end of this course, the student will: 

  • be able to setup an Instagram profile; be exposed to several Instagram growth tactics and different methods of obtaining Instagram followers, both paid and organic

  • learn a specific content strategy utilizing both posts and stories

  • learn several ways you can make money from Instagram

  • finally, you will learn how to close deals and make sales using your Instagram Direct Messages.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn about Instagram

Course content

1 section5 lectures38m total length
  • Instagram Essentials - Instagram Profile Setup
  • Instagram Essentials - Instagram Growth Tactics
  • Instagram Essentials - Instagram Content Strategies
  • Instagram Essentials - Instagram Revenue Streams
  • Instagram Essentials - Instagram Direct Messaging Method


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