Enhance your Immunity by natural means.

How to increase your immunity by making simple changes and learning from one's experiences.
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Importance of enhancing Immunity to fight against Diseases and Infections
Understanding of Immunity.
Factors Impacting Immunity.
Practical Steps to enhance Immunity.


  • Any one who has strong desire to enhance Immunity can take this course.


Most of us have realized the importance of immunity in our lives especially after Covid hit the entire world. It was difficult to understand some of the could come out easily and some of them suffered a lot. During my discussions with my students and teachers I got some insights and I wish to share whatever I found it useful by this course. These things may look like very simple and most of us know. The key lies in application of knowledge rather than just knowing about them. Another crucial aspect of these aspects lies in consistency of practice rather than intensity of practice.

Everyone knows the importance of proper food, sleep, proper digestion, good bowel habits and regular exercise will go a long way in enhancing the Immunity. But the question is how many of us think of taking action and implement it consistently. I wish to reinforce these habits with the help of my course. I have dedicated on module on Breathing Techniques, when the mind is united with the breath flowing all the time, we will naturally be able to focus the mind on the present moment and they by take right actions which would lead to right results.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one looking to enhance immunity.


Mindfulness Coach/Minimalist/People Enthusiast
Srinivasachar Mulugund
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I have corporate experience of more than 3 decades with some of the top brands like Accenture.   I am part of developing several leadership programs.  I have intense experience in facilitation of behavioral and Managerial skills.  I am on a  mission to enable and empower millions to manifest their true hidden potential with ease, grace, power and simplicity with world class trainings.   

I help individuals to achieve success and happiness by aligning them with their true sense of self and purpose. I strongly advocate positive psychology and believe that every individual has the capability of bringing out the best version of who they can be and help individuals in enhancing their level of consciousness. Some of my areas of expertise include Mindfulness, Emotional well-being, Yoga, Leadership Development & Executive Coaching.

I am CCA Certified Life Coach from Symbiosis USA and Master Level International Certified Career Coach from Mindler in association with NCDA & Career Development Alliance (USA).

I am certified yoga instructor from S-Vyasa University a world renowned yoga university.  I have  been practicing yoga for many years and  conducted several Workshops, Demos, and Presentations on yoga related topics in India and abroad. I am passionate about merging Joyful living with mindfulness. I have been exposed to AOL, Inner engineering, Vipassana Meditation, Raja Yoga, Transcendental Meditation to name a few.

I am presently based in Bengaluru, India.

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