Improve Your Web Design Experience with Squarespace

Featuring 25 video tutorials to help enhance your Squarespace experience, powered by Squarespace Summit.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (341 ratings)
21,450 students
Improve Your Web Design Experience with Squarespace
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (341 ratings)
21,450 students
Improve their web design experience with Squarespace
Feel more confident in content creation
Successfully create and promote their brand


  • In order to follow along with the lectures (video tutorials), you will need a Squarespace account. Get yours for free by going to Squarespace Summit. The URL is shown in the introduction video.

Creating websites does not have to be difficult. This course helps make the design experience fun and informational. Learn the ins and outs of Squarespace, a powerful platform that allows you to create beautiful websites in no time.

The following are just a few techniques that students can expect to learn:

  • Design a clean website in just minutes
  • Create simple photo and video galleries
  • Learn the basics of logo design
  • and much more...
All video tutorials are presented in a stunning resolution of 2560x1440, making for a high-quality experience all around.
Interested in learning more? I encourage you to enroll in this FREE course! All lectures and content are accessible at no cost.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for those looking to learn the basics of web design
  • Users, both beginner and advanced, are welcome to take this course and learn more about what Squarespace is capable of
  • All Squarespace users are welcome to take this course
3 sections • 27 lectures • 1h 18m total length
  • Meet the Instructor
  • Add Users and Contributors
  • Create a Call-to-Action Button
  • Add Content to Your Website's Footer
  • Create a Beautiful Photo Gallery
  • Display an Announcement Bar
  • Customize the Announcement Bar
  • Create a Contact Form
  • Design a Basic Logo
  • Create an Organized Video Grid
  • Display a Custom Banner Per Page
  • Display a Custom Favicon
  • Easily Manage Comments and Spam
  • Generate Revenue via Amazon
  • Implement Custom CSS
  • Import a WordPress Website
  • Link Your Amazon Associates Tag
  • Link Your Google Analytics Account
  • Password Protect a Single Page
  • Map a Custom Domain Name
  • Password Protect Your Entire Website
  • Restore Deleted Pages
  • Schedule Blog Posts
  • Set Up a 404 Redirect Page
  • Set Up an Email List Signup Form
  • Turn on Disqus Comments
  • Extend Your Squarespace Experience

Experienced Content Creator
David Di Franco
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As an experienced content creator, I am well versed in a variety of skills. My expertise includes 10+ years of producing content on YouTube, as well as designing and developing numerous websites (WordPress and Squarespace) for clients and myself. I have also taken a great interest in affiliate marketing in recent years, which has allowed me to develop projects and further my expertise.

With experience in several areas of content creation, I am confident in using my skills to provide quality courses to those interested in learning something new.