Improve your self-confidence with 5 techniques and hypnosis

Five effective techniques to strengthen your self-confidence
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Your behavior will change and you will have more self-confidence.
Your skills will be improved and you will no longer doubt yourself.
The deep awareness that you have the resource to act confidently in any situation.
Relieving fears.
Your posture will change and your self-confidence will be improved.
You get aware of your choice of words and change them.
You get guided hypnosis and trance travel.


  • The participation is without prior knowledge possible.
  • You only have to be aware that this course is work and a change does not happen overnight.
  • Anyone who cares about his personality and wants to increase his or her self-esteem.


You experience it on every day: You feel humbled and think you have no self-confidence.

There are so many situations, where you could have been in a better situation, if you only had had more confidence.

You will get five techniques, which have been tested practically. With those techniques you will be able to strengthen your self-confidence in the long run.

  • You will learn to turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

  • Why is your way of speaking so important?

  • One exercise for the morning and evening, which will reprogram your posture.

  • Break old behavioral patterns

  • Watch your surroundings.

Who this course is for:

  • This seminar for people who have the feeling or even the knowledge that they lack confidence in many situations.
  • You do not feel properly accepted or even oppressed from your surroundings.
  • Anyone who cares about his personality and wants to increase his or her self-esteem.


Coach für Rhetorik- und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.
Uwe Klenner
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English version below.

Uwe Klenner ist Dipl. Ing. und über zwanzig Jahre Gesellschaftender Geschäftsführer mehrerer mittelständiger Unternehmen in Berlin.

Seit 1995 befasst er sich mit Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und hat seine Freizeit intensiv zur Weiterbildung genutzt.

Was mit dem Besuch eines Mentaltrainingseminars 1998 begann, endete mit über 100 begeisterten Teilnehmern pro von ihm abgehaltenen Seminar.

Er ist heute Rhetorik- und Persönlichkeitstrainer und hat seine Berufung zum Beruf gemacht. Mit dem ersten Besuch eines Rhetorik und Dialektik Seminars im Jahre 1986 ist Rhetorik sein Steckenpferd und namhafte Management Institute wie das von Rolf Ruhleder greifen auf ihn als Dozent und Trainer seit Jahren zurück.

Über zwanzig Jahren hat er an seinen Kunden, Mitarbeitern und Freunden testen können was wie funktioniert und lebt es auch. Dies gibt die Gewissheit, dass die Inhalte der Seminare Praxis erprobt sind und auch in der realen Welt funktionieren.

Dieses erprobte Wissen wird in Seminaren und Workshops weiter gegeben. Unternehmen werden von ihm unterstützt und im Einzel-Coaching auch an den Fähigkeiten einzelner geschliffen.

Eine Hypnose Ausbildung und ergänzende Lehrgänge in Psychologie runden seine Fähigkeiten ab.

Uwe Klenner lebt mit seiner Frau und drei Kindern in Berlin und ist begeistert über jeden Menschen, der sich entschließt mehr aus seiner Persönlichkeit zu machen. 

English version:

Uwe Klenner is graduate engineer and managing director of several medium-sized companies in Berlin Germany for more than twenty years. 

Since 1995 he has been involved in personal development and has used his free time for further education.

What began with attending a mental training seminar in 1998 ended with over 100 enthusiastic participants per seminar he held. 

Today he is a rhetoric and personality trainer and has turned his vocation into his profession. With his first visit of a rhetoric and dialectics seminar in 1986, rhetoric became his hobby and well-known management institutes such as Rolf Ruhleder have been using him as a lecturer and trainer for years.

He was able to test what works on his customers, colleagues and friends and lives that for over twenty years. This gives certainty that the contents of the seminars have been tested in practice and work in real life

This reliable knowledge is passed on in seminars and workshops. Companies are supported by him and the skills of everyone are shaped in an individual coaching.

A hypnosis training and supplementary courses in psychology round his abilities off. 

Uwe Klenner lives with his wife and three kids and is enthusiastic about every person who decides to make more of his personality.

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