Improve Your English Listening Skills With Movie Quotes

Understand fast-talking native English speakers thanks to quotes from 3 of my favourite movies.
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How to improve your English listening skills
How to understand native English speakers when they talk fast
Movie quotes from famous movies
Common features of connected speech in English


  • Have at least an intermediate level of English
  • Enjoy watching movies and TV shows in English


Do you find it hard to understand native speakers when they talk fast?

Would you love to connect and fit in with native speakers on your travels or as part of a new life abroad?

Do you love watching movies and TV shows in English?

Then this course is for you. Using quotes from 3 of my favourite films, you'll discover why it's hard to understand fast-talking native speakers and what to do about it.

By the end of this course, you'll catch fast, native English better and you'll know what to do to continue improving your listening skills with your favourite movie or TV show.

Who this course is for:

  • English learners who want to improve their listening skills
  • English learners who love to watch movies and TV shows
  • English learners who love to travel or who plan to move abroad
  • English learners who want to be proficient in English
  • English learners who want to sound like a native speaker
  • English learners who want to fit in with native English speakers


English Listening Skills Coach
Cara Leopold
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I help international professionals chat to fast-talking English speakers over coffee by improving their listening & speaking skills with movies. I've been living abroad since 2007 in France and improving my listening skills has been the key to connecting with the locals and improving my speaking and pronunciation skills. I'd love to help you do the same thing in English so you can thrive, not just survive in your new life abroad.

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