Teach your kids how to be calm and relax
4.4 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,735 students enrolled

Teach your kids how to be calm and relax

Discover how to help yourself and your kids be calm despite the stress pf staying home
4.4 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,735 students enrolled
Created by Michael Ballard
Last updated 8/2019
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This course includes
  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 16 articles
  • 37 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Help your kids and the family learn skills to relax, nap and sleep
  • Learn simple language that helps them engage and communicate what they are experiencing
  • Uncover how to leave less than desirable states of being to change feelings & behavior
  • Benefit through learning key self-regulation skills that will serve you well during any crisis!
  • Use key brain/body skills that improve our ability to be calmer and more mindful
  • Discover how to achieve key states to improve what you can change
  • Openness to learn
  • Willingness to practice the skills
  • Have access to an audio player i.e. MP3 Player, or audio software on your tablet, computer, phone to play the 7 audio programs
  • Have a non-judgemental respectful and safe person to talk with

Discover How to Calm Your Inner World ~ Manage your energy

Imagine Yourself with Michael Ballard

What to do when life is in turmoil!

What to do when life goes sideways and BIGStuff Happens!

  • Health

  • Help us understand and manage our behaviour with family, friends or students

  • Loss

  • Grief

  • Failure

In my case it was my daughter's brain tumour that pushed me hard. 

That is one of the key reasons why this program was born. We offer skills to help the whole family or group.  Each of  you and all of you can use them to deal with life's toughest issues.

The program offers insights into what we all all experience.  You'll learn

  1. The process as we experience life's losses and griefs

  2. Discover 3 Key States that build our health and happiness

  3. Understand how 3 Key States can block us from health and happiness

  4. Eight skills in video to help you shift from being in a bad state to a better state 

  5. Two text based skills to assist you further deepen your ability to thrive

  6. A common language approach so that ages 3 - 103 can connect, engage and share a  little more of their personal journey.

  7. Word Puzzles to help you remember and practice what you've learned

  8. Five Audio stories to assist you practise the skills

  9. One Audio skill building Relaxation exercise in audio format 

    1. One in male voice

    2. One in female voice   

This family student and school friendly program was born out of the frustration of me not being able to find any skill based program during those large issues in my family. Oh and yes, me then 7 year old daughter and I have both done very well since that very stressful time.

  1. "Don't forget to use the audios; they are a big part of the success of the program."5 stories to choose from

  2. Each one helps you practice key skills to assist you deepen your capacity to thrive

  3. The chair exercise is here twice; once in male voice and once in female voice.

P.S. I'm sorry to tell you that your primary cancer has spread and it is in four locations! I've had my own 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer and a failed medical procedure that meant an emergency surgery with a rush trip to the OR at midnight.

So, I've lived this from several  perspectives. As a father, a spouse, a son and a brother. I've always been astounded at the lack of basic Situational Mental Heath programming available in North America.

I've also found this program very useful to help me better manage the two chronic illnesses  life has challenged me with. Doctors tell me my body age is at least 12 years less than my chronological age. I am quite certain that is in part due to the use of these skills impacting my mind and body health.  I wish you and yours all the very best on your journey.

SAFETY Notice:

Don't use the audio's while operating any type of moving or stationary device with moving parts. The audio stories are designed to build skill while relaxing you. WE don't want you falling asleep while driving or operating machinery.

Please Note: When you use the audio programs they are very effective.  

However; if you use them with children the adult in charge can fall asleep before the children. So keep that in mind. :)

Who this course is for:
  • Students, teachers and schools struggling with behavior issues
  • Individuals and Families challenged with illness
  • Anyone who is in grief or loss due to Death, Divorce, Separation, Illness, Job Loss, Bankruptcy
  • Teachers who want to learn added skills for self and to teach their students for calmness
  • Students struggling to achieving passing grades
  • Parents dealing with children with behavior issues
Course content
Expand all 63 lectures 04:36:02
+ Hello and Welcome to Imagine Yourself
3 lectures 05:25

What is included in this program?

  • Simplified Common Language approach
  • Easy to understand and use Model
    • Colour Coded
    • Numerical Coding
    • Verbal Coding
  • Designed to appeal to a large cross section of learning styles
  • Key Skills to develop  conscious competence ~ You know you know
  • Audio programing to reinforce the learning thought unconscious competence practice - You don't know you've learned anything. But you feel better and more in control.
  • Written programming for those that like to learn through reading
Preview 02:04
Introducing Imagine Yourself

Why did I develop this program?

This program was born out of the frustration of finding no skill based programming to help myself (three challenges with death due to 2 battles with cancer), then my daughter (her brain tumour challenge-all good now) and me managing two chronic illness manage my health and life with more ease.

Imagine Yourself is a skill based program designed to help:

  • Individuals, Families and Communities, 
  • Students, Educators and Schools
  • Health Care Staff, Medical Professionals and Organizations
  • Groups and Organizations deal with life's toughest times. What I call BIGStuff.

The program offers:

  • 7 video skills
  • 2 Audio Programs
  • 4 Audio Stories
  • Easy to understand Model
    • Four Types of Energy
    • 3 Optimal States
    • 3 Less Optimal States
    • Easy to understand process to shift our Energy 

So the programs helps the participants learn key skills to assist them:

  • Understand what they are experiencing
  • Skills to help them gain a sense of control
  • Common language approach to help them better communicate what they are experiencing

Plus some added information to assist us all better understand ourselves and each other.

Preview 02:05
+ 3 Healthy States of Being
1 lecture 04:26

Three healthy states of being that we should strive to achieve every day.

3 Healthy States of Being

How many Healthy States of Being are there in the Imagine Yourself model?

Healthy States of Being
1 question
+ 3 Less Productive and Less Enjoyable States of Being
1 lecture 04:16

Three less healthy states of being that we all visit everyday. However we need to take care our visits don't last too long. Plus we should use the skills to move out of these states as often as possible. However if we find we get stuck in one of them we should ask for help to get out of them.

3 Less Healthy States of Being iv

How many states or zones are there in the Less Healthy States of Being?

Less Healthy States of Being
1 question
+ A Safety Message
1 lecture 00:55

Don't practise these skills while operating any type of equipment.

A Safety Message
+ Types of Energy We All Have and Experience
1 lecture 05:53


  • Easy to understand model
  • 4 Energy types
  • Each Energy State offers unique gifts
  • Each Energy State can both build and block our quality of life
  • Understand your favourite and least favourite state helps build self awareness
  • The skills help us learn to manage our Energy
  • The skills can help us change our Energy
The Types of Energy We all Have

How many types of Energy are there in the Imagine Yourself model

Types of Energy
1 question
+ Imagine Yourself Word Puzzles
1 lecture 00:10
IY Imagine Yourself Word Puzzles
+ IY Key Skills to help us manage or change our Energy
8 lectures 21:50

Belly Breathing

This is a key skill to assist us all learn to better manage with our stress and anxiety. 

Practicing this skill four or five times a day before, during and after life's regular stressful events can help us learn how to lower or stress and better manage ourselves.

Belly Breathing
QTS Quick Tension Scan
IY Skills Turmoil Breathing Video and PDF FIle for download
Energy in Place
Silly Bird Exercise
Lifting Breath Exercises

Turtle Walking or Slow Walking

> Outcomes

The practice of walking very very tight (Heel to toe, bent at the knees) forces the walker to concentrate and be mindful of their pace, their body and their breathing. A great way to gain added awareness of our energy

and our pace. Plus the walker should bend their knees to lower their centre of gravity.

> Steps and Options

o Slow and Quiet version

The key is to walk very slow with heel to toe footsteps with no sounds but quiet breathing.

The walker should walk so slow as to feel they might fall over if they went any slower.

This will help us practice and attain our Quiet and Slow energy.

o Slow and Loud version

The key is to walk very slowly with heel to toe footsteps, and make noise exhaling.

This will help us practice and attain more Slow and Loud Energies.

o Fast and Quiet version

The key is to walk very fast with heel to toe footsteps, and make no noise.

This will help us practice and attain more Fast and Quiet Energies.

o Fast and Loud version

The key is to walk very fast with heel to toe footsteps, and make a sound

(i.e. Race Car, Motor Boat) as we exhale.

This will help us practice and attain more Fast and Loud Energies.

For those that might have mobility challenges:

Instead of plain walking:

Use your canes

Use your walker

Use your fingers to “walk” across a table.

If you’re in a wheel chair go as slow as possible and move as above

Slow Walking or Turtle Walking
IY Key Skill Mindfulness
+ What does each type of Energy represent to you?
1 lecture 00:13
Exercise Exploration Sheets

How may types of Energy are there?

1 question
+ Exploring how our Language builds Resiliency
4 lectures 03:06

The language we use shows us the vision, values and beliefs we hold to be true.

A resilient common language approach helps us to:

  • Use basic words so that all ages can participate
  • Helps us put things in a "Put our best foot forward" frame of mind 

to help ensure the best possible experience and outcomes. 

Basic of Resiliency and Language
I Have Resiliency for Life Mini Series
I Am Resiliency for Life Mini Series
I Can I Do Resiliency for Life Mini Series