Identity Consciousness: The truth about who I am (Beginners)
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Identity Consciousness: The truth about who I am (Beginners)

Manifesting our desired life begins with the sobering awareness of who we are.
4.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
519 students enrolled
Created by Lolo Ntshiqa
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Come to a deeper realization of who you are and what makes you so powerful.
  • Be able to change your perspective on how you see yourself in relation to your environment.
  • The freedom to stop relying on external assistance, validation or answers. All the power is within you.
  • The freedom to change your life's direction as soon as you decide you want something new.
  • The power to maintain lasting transformation in your life. Change that is permanent.
  • The freedom to express your uniqueness with confidence and boldness.
  • Begin the course with an open mind and an open heart.

Identity Consciousness: The truth about who I am (Beginners)

This course seeks to lay the foundation for all those on their personal self-discovery journeys. Our awareness of who we are must be the beginning of all of our efforts of transforming our lives. Truth guiding us to who we are is not easily accessible to us online, or amongst our social circles. This truth is hidden amongst spiritual teachers, seekers, and enlightened authors. The intention of this course is to introduce this truth to those who are new to the ideas of personal development, and who may have a desire to step into the full power of their hidden potential.

The course framework is centred around the identity statement that states "I am a Spirit, living in a Body, possessing a Soul". These three components of our identity may be broken down and studied individually, however, we cannot understand who we are without acknowledging the collective parts. When we are not conscious, or when we are unaware of the functions of each component, and how they contribute to our lives, we allow ourselves to be shifted and shaped by the chaos and confusion we find in this world.

The videos of this course are designed to be meditative and reflective. At the end of each section you will find a reflection exercise. This exercise is designed to extend the truth of what we have learned in each section, and applying it to our lives. This reflective exercise is designed to help students think deeper about the various components of their identity and how they would be displayed in their lived experiences.

The reward of this course is a Udemy Certificate (upon completion) but above all, the truth that is shared openly and freely. This truth, when applied to our lives, has the manifesting power to bring about change. It is my suggestion that you do not rush through this course because each word spoken carries power. Instead, you may play each video twice before moving on to the next one, in order to fully integrate this new found knowledge into your minds and make it permanent.

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Who this course is for:
  • Individuals who are seeking to know more about their true identity and what it means for manifesting a new life.
Course content
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+ Introduction to Identity Consciousness
2 lectures 09:42

Our identity is more than our personality or our interests. It is the essence of who we are. The more we understand who we are and our power and potential, we are able to see life and our challenges with a new perspective. This lecture gives us an overview of what identity means and why it is so important for us to walk in the truth of who we are.

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Preview 03:52

Identity is made up of three components namely, Spirit, Body and Soul. When we want to summarize who we are, we can use the statement "I am a Spirit, living in a Body, possessing a Soul". Each of these components is important in us understanding who we are, and manifesting a life of abundance and peace.

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Introduction to Identity: The three components of Identity
+ Identity Consciousness: "I am a Spirit"
5 lectures 29:58

The truth about who we are is that, we are a Spirit; we were created by the same creative energy that created all things (and that lives in all things). When we are aware of our identity as a Spirit, we gain access to the eternal flow of wisdom, knowledge, peace and any other virtue we may desire in our lives. This lecture will unpack what it means to be a Spirit.

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Preview 07:50

The function of the Spirit is to make its creative energy available for us to use, so that we may also create and manifest a beautiful life. Many times, we may come from disadvantaged backgrounds or we are placed in unfortunate circumstances. However, when we are aware of the creative energy we have within us, we do not need to rely on the world to assist us or direct our path. At any moment, we may choose to create a new life for ourselves. This lecture provides an explanation for the function of the Spirit.

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Lesson Two: What is the function of the Spirit?

Communicating with our Spirit is essential in order to access the creative power that lies within this energy force. There are two well-known ways of communicating with our Spirit. This may be through meditation or prayer. When we connect to our Spirits through meditation or prayer, we are able to request what ever we desire and open our minds and hearts to receive Divine revelation, direction, wisdom and clarity.

Preview 05:39

When we identify with our Spirit, we are no longer fearful to face life because we understand that we are powerful enough to overcome suffering. We are also empowered to begin creating this quality of life we so eagerly desire, because we have removed the old boundaries we had previously believed to be true. Now we know that whatever we are not given physically, we can seek spiritually, and now we are motivated to seek the success in our lives. This lecture shares the freedom we receive when we identify with the Spirit.

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Lesson Four: The freedom that comes with identifying with Spirit

It is important for us to reflect on where we receive our nourishment and replenishment in this world. Most times we are faced with people and environments that take from us, more than they give to us. In these situations, instead of us suppressing our internal needs, we are encouraged to seek replenishment from our Spirits.

Reflection Exercise: Who fills my cup?
+ Identity Consciousness: "Living in a Body"
5 lectures 28:11

Most of us identify with our body because it is what we engage with in this world. However the body cannot create, therefore we as creation cannot be the body. Our bodies have a different use, they were created to be the vessel in which we as the creation are able to move, act, manifest and live in this world. This lecture introduces what it means to live in a body.

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Lesson Five: What does it mean to live in a Body?

The body is useful in shaping our identity because it is responsible for receiving information from the external environment, processing this information, and responding with a desired result. This response is what allows us to be in relationship with people, to ensure that what we have desired in our hearts is manifested into a physical reality, and also ensuring that we are reflecting our truth to the world. This lecture explains the functions of the body.

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Lesson Six: What is the function of the Body?

Feeling comfortable in our bodies is an important part of realizing internal peace and radiating this peace outwardly. When we feel comfortable in our bodies, we come to true acceptance of who we are. This lesson will breakdown the acronym P.E.A.C.E and highlight how it can practically change the way we perceive and feel in our bodies.

Lesson Seven: How do we begin feeling comfortable in our own skin?

When others come across us, they will not see our Spirit. They will see our bodies and base our identity on what we display through our behaviours and our lifestyles. This is what many will call our identity. Therefore, how our body processes information and responds outwardly, will display who we believe we are. The truth we have believed and expressed externally through our bodies. This lecture speaks on how our bodies reflect who we are (our identity) to the world.

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Lesson Eight: The body is a reflection of who we BELIEVE we are.

We are taught to dislike our bodies by questionable voices we come across in our environment. By identifying with our appearance (this means believing that we are valuable by how we present ourselves to others), we become vulnerable to the ignorant beliefs, and opinions of others. We need to reflect on who told us we were unworthy simply by how our bodies are fashioned, and whether it is appropriate for us to continue believing their truth.

Reflection Exercise: Who told you?
+ Identity Consciousness: "Possessing a Soul"
5 lectures 29:11

The soul is a gift that each individual received from birth, that gives us the channel to express outwardly, who we are inwardly. The stronger our connection to our soul, the greater our ability to express our truth openly without any fear. This lecture introduces to us, what it means to possess a soul.

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Lesson Nine: What does it mean to possess a Soul?

The soul's main function is to provide a strong foundation for our identity to rest upon. The beliefs, values, thoughts and behaviours, that we have recorded in our soul, have the power to hold our identity strong, or to cause our identity to collapse; causing emotional and mental conflict. This lecture provides an explanation about the functions of the soul.

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Lesson Ten: What is the function of the Soul?

When we want to ensure that we are producing a lifestyle that is aligned to who we are, we need to assess the beliefs and values we are carrying in our soul. Old beliefs that used to help us survive, may not be appropriate for our newly created life of peace and true joy. Beliefs and values that were motivated by our fear-based lifestyle must be replaced by love-based beliefs and values we want to manifest more of in our life.

Lesson Eleven: Fruitful versus Unfruitful Beliefs and Values.

When we express our soul openly, we feel a state of peace because we are expressing the truth of who we are. This means that we are balanced and aligned internally; our Spirit, Body, and Soul are working in synchronicity with each other, and thus we are able to create the most satisfying life for ourselves. This lecture shares the joy we experience when we express our soul.

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Lesson Twelve: The joy that comes from expressing our Soul.

In order to protect our soul we need to be mindful of what thought patterns, beliefs and opinions we allow to enter. The less guarded we are, the more likely we are to resort to our old lifestyle and habits. Protecting our soul should be a daily commitment so that we may experience consistent wellbeing and peace.

Reflection Exercise: Who is guarding your gates?
+ Conclusion to Course: Identity Consciousness
2 lectures 06:21

This lecture will provide a summary on Identity Consciousness, and also remind the student what they have learned throughout the course.

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Final words on Identity Consciousness.

This article will provide information on how we may continue the conversation on identity consciousness, even after the course is completed.

What are the Next Steps?