First pitch checklist to present your startup idea

How to prepare, rehearse and get ready to present your early stage business idea at student startup idea competition
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Understand the key questions you need to answer or cover in your business idea pitch
Become aware of the essential preparations before delivering an idea pitch
Become better prepared to go on stage


  • Have a business idea that you want to pitch on a startup pitching competition


How can people find out about your wonderful business idea? By hearing your short presentation - a pitch. The purpose of a good pitch is to help people understand what your idea is all about and raise interest to learn more about your idea.

If it´s your first time to pitch a business idea, then this course can help you clarify:

  • What are the important questions I need to think through for my pitch?

  • How to communicate so that people would understand?

  • What is my main message of the pitch?

  • What to consider when preparing slides?

  • How to properly use the microphone and clicker?

  • How to rehearse and become better prepared for presenting your idea?

This course is intended for early-stage business ideas. Mostly for participants of student business idea competitions. The lessons of this course can also be applied to teams who want to pitch their idea on corporate hackathons.

Who this course is for:

  • University students who want to prepare for their first time of presenting a business idea on stage in front of larger audience.


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I believe that we deserve to live a life that is meaningful, exciting, positive, that engages our best talents and drives us to create something awesome. My calling is to empower people to create their remarkable lives.

As an international speaker and trainer, I love to inspire people to reconnect with their inner drive. I love to touch their hearts as videographer and creator.


A childhood dream

When I was a little kid, I found a collection of old books from my grandparent´s attic. "Wow, this is some good wisdom, we need to share it with the world!" I thought to myself. So I redesigned my room into a library - set up a counter, lounge chairs, large bookshelf, and ordered the books alphabetically. Even placed signs and everything.

Then I just sat there, waiting for the world to come. But no one came. The only visitors I had were my two hamsters and granny. Apparently, the hamsters were not so keen about books and granny just wanted to chat.

Still today I have this drive for sharing wisdom. Only this time I built this little virtual library in the form of my online courses and waited for the world to come.

And 30 000 people from 166 countries showed up and signed up. The little kid in me is grateful that the dream worked out, in its modern form


Entrepreneur by heart

Ever since I was a young boy, I realized that you can do what you love and make a good living out of it. I started as a DJ, developed my sound equipment rental business, co-started an online DJ equipment store. I used the money I got to finance my university studies, during which I started the training company Victory Trainings that has enabled me to inspire tens of thousands of people around the world.

My job description: "inspire people"

My work as a trainer is to empower people to tap their creative potential and uplift them to get excited about their lives. I am often invited to give inspirational speeches, moderate conferences, deliver idea development workshops, and personal development seminars. I have had the pleasure to work with nearly 1200 groups in 19 countries around the world.

Every problem is an opportunity to create. I love to create.

Whenever I feel that something important is missing, I create it. Could not find a good resource for inspiration and personal development - created the Estonian Inspiration portal. Fell in love with storytelling - created the Storyteller web app. Saw that too many youngsters could not find "their thing" - created the Passionfinder web app.

Surround yourself with positively charged people

From an early age, I surrounded myself with active people in Junior Chamber International. I got so excited that I managed the development of a mentorship program for hundreds of members, lead a team of nearly 100 certified trainers, and served as a president at the local chapter.

Enthusiasm and inspiration based on solid and systematic wisdom

I attained an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, specializing in Entrepreneurship pedagogy. Before that, I did my BA in Entrepreneurship Economics and Applied Psychology at Tartu University. My main area of research was creativity in organizations and developing a creative mindset and skills through training.

Why am I here at Udemy? I am here to serve. I have experimented and developed techniques and concepts that help us to find more love and excitement in what we do. And it is my deepest obligation to share that with the world.

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