6 Good choices in a lasting marriage

Loving God, yourself, and your spouse; reprioritizing a committed relationship worth saving
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Truly place God first in your life and relationship
Know how to better spend time based on clearer priorities
See how to invest smarter in love to find true connection
Understand yourself in choosing both you and your spouse
Recognize your influencers and reasons why you persist in marriage
Gain stronger unity and love in an enduring marriage


  • This course is for women trying in marriage, but not getting the results they want. You must be somewhat invested in improving your marriage.


You've been trying. You've adjusted and changed, yet marriage still seems a burden. What about being a blessing to each other? Is it even possible to find happiness together? The problem may the very thing you strive so hard to maintain: control. Choosing may have really become controlling instead of an unfolding of natural and hoped-for results.

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

Identify where you are on the "Footpath in Marriage," on the "Relationship Grid," with your "Bill of Rights," in your personal boundaries, and with the "Love Scale Balance."

You will see how you really give your will to God and how you’ve been over-controlling; you will fill in the "6 Influencers of Marriage" chart and your "Marital Dreamboard," understand your place in your "Relation Vibration," communicate how you like to connect with and better manifest your love to your spouse.

You'll be able to:

Clearly choose God, spouse, and self in life, know how to better invest in marriage, better connect with self, stop the inferior/superior game, know why you stay in marriage, choose healthy influencers, practice daily reminders of loving, and stay in love with more charity.

The six sections of this course are:

1. I choose God first

2. I choose him

3. I choose me

4. I choose us

5. I choose why

6. I choose love

Through these six sections you will see...

  • How you truly place God first in your life and relationships for stunning results.

  • How to wisely spend your time based on clearer priorities.

  • How to invest smarter in love to find true connection in your marriage.

  • How to connect with yourself in choosing both you and your spouse.

  • The dynamics at play in choosing one another, improving your “vibe.”

  • Your marital influencers and reasons why you persist in marriage.

  • How to gain stronger unity and love in an enduring marriage.

Join me on this fascinating marital journey in truly choosing love.

Who this course is for:

  • To get the most from this course, you are married and care about your part in improving your marriage. You are willing to believe in the beauty of a Higher Power, and are ready for this LIFE-SAVING material.


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I have mentored women in crisis through the Women of Rebirth and Therapeutic Healing program, have been trained extensively by some of the greats in personal development, including Kirk Duncan of 3KeyElements, Jennifer-Finlayson Fife, and Jody Moore coaching.

I have been featured professionally on personal development blogs, received a business degree from Brigham Young University; but most importantly, I have been married for 26 plus years, four of the latest years, happily.

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