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Hello, I am Vidya Venkat, a proud mum of two teenagers.

I help professionals who want to go from I cant to I can in any areas of their lives to live the life they desire and deserve.

I combine a multiple award-winning technique and coaching to update your mind by deleting outdated programming, clearing up junk files, getting rid of glitches and installing new and improved software. The result is an upgraded faster more efficient and productive version of yourself.

Are you experiencing the below:

  • Weight gain and loss

  • Success and Money blocks

  • Relationship challenges

  • Fear of failure or procrastination

  • Fear of being judged or being rejected

  • Low Self esteem and Confidence

  • Narcissistic and Emotional Trauma

  • Generalized or Social Anxiety

  • Self harm and Panic attacks

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Phobias

  • Addictions and Eating issues

  • Lack of Sleep and Grief Management

The course can help you with -

  • Achieved career and financial goals

  • Be ideal weight and have dream body

  • Attracted the right partner

  • Trauma recovery and increased self belief

  • Increased focus and motivation

  • Improved confidence and high self esteem

  • Free from addictions and quality sleep

Are you ready to train yourself from from I cant to I can to transform your life for once and all then you must give this course a quick go. This includes all the contents that you need to watch before its too late. It helps you with the factors in life you have been struggling with and achieve your best.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who feels they cant do something. Typical examples would be weight issues, money blocks, procrastination, anxiety


Mindset Consultant
Vidya Venkat
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Hello! I am Vidya Venkat, a proud mother of two sons and living in Dubai.

I am a mindset consultant trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), multiple award winning technique to train your mind to go from I cant to I can.

I specialize in parenting and I help parents to be phenomenal in their life while helping their kids to transform their mindset from i can't to i can. They also learn how to help manager their teens anxiety, stress, depression and build them up into a wonderful human being.

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