I Can Do All Things

Moving from Abstract Theory to Daily Reality
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…ideas to move Christianity from abstract theory to a way of life.
…practical Christianity that adds purpose and meaning to life.
…how to live Christianity at a "to die for" level.


  • A general familiarity with Christianity is helpful, but not required.


Over the centuries, many people were willing to die for Christianity. What did they know? What did they discover and experience in Christianity? I believe the answer is simple and setting out in the open. Modern man complicates Christianity and misses the genius of simplicity.

I don't teach effortless magic; I teach discipleship.

In this course you will learn…

     ● The dangers of the comparison game.

     ● The value of teaming up with others.

     ● The perpetual joy of your "first love."

     ● Where prayer fits into your daily life.

     ● The blessing of mentors.

     ● Where to find the so-called "secrets" of a happy life.

     ● …and more.

All lectures may be downloaded for use offline.

Who this course is for:

  • If you desire to bring Christianity out of the theoretical realm and into the practical realm of daily life, this course can help. This course is for people that hunger to weave the spiritual through their life.

Course content

3 sections • 12 lectures • 46m total length
  • I Can Do All Things


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Clarence W. Fell
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I have over 20 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections as serving as a Certified Religious Assistant working up close and personal with inmates face to face, one-on-one, in groups both small and large.  The prison setting provides some of the most challenging situations for applying various teachings, and yet the teachings prove valuable again and again.

Overall, I have 35 years of helping people make choices that lead to a happier life, and sometimes even grasp the deeper meaning of life.  I have made a living and raised a family doing what I love: teaching, ministering, and counseling.  The key to this success is a host of simple ideas that almost anyone can understand and quickly use to build a better life, if they choose.

I am delighted to bring a lifetime and a career of experience to the Udemy platform and to you.

A little personal information.  I married my junior high school sweetheart and enjoy an awesome marriage to this day (40-plus years).  We have raised two children and now enjoy grandchildren when our busy schedules allow. Life has had its ups and downs, victories and loses, but life is good.  I live in the southern United States and love the culture of the south, the people, the fried food, the outdoors, and our own unique styling of the English language.