Hypnotherapy - What is Hypnosis?

Dissolve every fear using Hypnotherapy
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,678 ratings)
36,419 students
Hypnotherapy - What is Hypnosis?
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,678 ratings)
36,420 students
Learn why Hypnotherapy will give you a short cut to faster results, in every area of your life.


  • Before you take this course, go ahead and make an internal decision that you want positive changes to happen in your life.


Welcome to the What is Hypnosis Course!

In this course you will learn what hypnosis is, what it is not, where is came from, how it works and how quickly it can quickly transform any area you need help in. You can expect to feel more relaxed, refreshed and alert as you learn all about the phenomenon of hypnotherapy. This course is a quick lesson to help you open your mind up to new and exciting possibilities you previous were not consciously aware of. If you have not yet learned about hypnotherapy, you might be missing out on a exciting and efficient opportunity, to reach your full human potential.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are looking to learn more about how your mind works and to find easier ways to live your life the way you were meant to live, then this Intro to Hypnosis Seminar is perfect for you.

Course content

2 sections • 10 lectures • 1h 12m total length
  • Lecture 1 | Introduction to Hypnosis
  • Lecture 2 | What is Hypnosis?
  • Lecture 3 | The History of Hypnotherapy - Milton Erickson
    1 page
  • Lecture 4 | Hypnosis Facts & Myths


Certified NLP & Hypnosis Trainer | Awakened Oneness Trainer
Jeremiah Rangel
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Jeremiah Rangel is an Awakened Teacher who was born to teach people how to move beyond their own limitations. He travels around the world sharing his gifts with everyone who is ready to receive his help. Over the last 18 years, he has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

In 1998, Jeremiah started his professional journey apprenticing at Positive Health Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Under Roger Erikson, he spent 5 years developing his foundation as a Personal Trainer (Corrective Exercise Core Specialist) and Nutrition Coach. Working directly with elite professional athletes and 5 different Division 1, 2 & 3 College Sports Teams, he quickly developed into an elite level Personal Trainer. In 2004, he was accepted to receive the advanced mental training from the Meta Institute, a top tier International Life Coaching School located in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Here he acquired the most cutting edge transformational techniques available making him a more well rounded healing practitioner. After graduating with honors, he was invited back to help teach new students how to move past their personal blocks. His passion to continuously evolve led him to Golden City, India in 2006. This is where he really started to completely transform as a human being. Here he studied and trained with the best spiritual masters the world has ever known. He learned the art of spiritual growth, became Awakened and has a direct and permanent relationship with the Divine which he uses to help people.

Jeremiah has created a unique and highly effective coaching system in which he draws from his limitless skill set. He spends every day looking for better and easier ways to teach people how they can connect to happiness, health and wealth in every area of life.

Awakened Oneness Trainer, Life Mastery Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer