Hypnosis Practice Ready for Regression Session
5.0 (43 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
249 students enrolled

Hypnosis Practice Ready for Regression Session

This One Session Strategy Can Put You in the Driver's Seat of Your Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions
5.0 (43 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
249 students enrolled
Created by Tribe of Healers
Last updated 11/2019
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This course includes
  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 108 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • How to Get a Client to Regress Very Quickly and Easily
  • How to Teach Your Client to Participate in the Healing Process
  • How to Uncover the Key Information You Need to Get a Lasting Result
  • How to Prepare the Client for Uncomfortable Feelings and Emotions
  • How to Button Up Your Session When You Run Short on Time
  • How to Set Up for Inner Child Work
  • How to Assess the Client's Readiness for Inner Child Work
  • How to Provide the Resources the Inner Child Needs
  • How to Use Autosuggestion to Get a Deeper Healing
  • How to Recognize the Mask of Forgiveness
  • How to Set Up for the Forgiveness Work
  • How to Manage Your Session Time
  • How to Use Your Session Wrap Up to Transform the Client's Session into a Revelation
  • How to Debrief the Client to Dispel Doubt
  • How to Set Up for the Client's Next Session
  • How to Conduct a Preliminary Check-In in Subsequent Sessions
  • Make Sure Your Client is Ready for Regression!
  • Basic Training in Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Enthusiasm to Learn, Grow Knowledge, and Develop Skill Facilitating Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Computer to Download Bonus Content and Reports
  • Completion of the Create Your Ideal Client Course is Recommended But Not Required

In the Ready for Regression Session program you will learn how to create a safe environment in which to assess and prepare your client for the work of regression-to-cause therapeutic hypnosis.  This program is packed with the information you need to prepare yourself and your clients ... and make regression happen easily!

You will learn:

  • How to Make It Safe to Regress

  • How to Convert Memories into An Actual Regression   

  • How to Train Your Client to Work in Past Events   

  • What to Do When the Subconscious Mind Goes to a Painful Past Event Unexpectedly   

  • 6 Basic Uncovering Questions of Regression Hypnotherapy

  • Why You Should Always Touch the Owie   

  • How to Button Things Up When You’re Short on Time   

  • 3 Regression Mistakes   

  • How to Set Up for Inner Child Work   

  • How to Assess Readiness for Regression   

  • How to Use Autosuggestion   

  • How to Set Up for Forgiveness Work   

  • Where to Begin the Forgiveness Work   

  • 10 Key Forgiveness Concepts   

  • How to Wrap up Your Session   

  • The Revelation Review   

  • The TAT Wrap   

  • How to Use your Ready for Regression Session as a Stand-Alone Session   

  • First Session Time Manager   

  • How to Debrief the Client to Eliminate Doubt   

  • How to Conduct the Preliminary Check-In


  • Pseudo-Regression Technique

  • Snow Falling Deepener

  • Finger Pinch Anchoring Technique

  • Regression Patter

  • The TAT Wrap

  • Provoke the Feeling Patter

  • Amplification Patter

  • Affect Bridge Patter


  1. 6 Basic Uncovering Questions

  2. 5 Tips for Touching the Owie 

  3. 5 Tips for Buttoning Things Up   

  4. 4 Steps to Set Up for Inner Child Work   

  5. Questions for Inner Child Work   

  6. What A Child Needs   

  7. 7 Steps to Find and Transmit Love to the Child   

  8. How to Set Up for Dialogue Process   

  9. 10 Forgiveness Concepts   

  10. Session Time Manager   

  11. Poke-a-Stick Technique   

  12. Autosuggestion Reversal Statements   

  13. How to Test for a Bridge


  14. Healing the Birth Experience Script   

  15. Full PDF Report of Program   

  16. Audio recordings   


  17. What to do when the client says no to regression   

  18. How to deal with traumatic memory the client remembers consciously   

  19. How to work with chemical lids   

Get Started Today!  Learn How to Prepare Your Clients for Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis in a Way that Makes Regression Happen Easily.

Who this course is for:
  • Any Regression Hypnotherapist Who Wants to Make it Easier for Clients to Regress into Painful Past Events
  • Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Student of Dave Elman Approach to Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Omni-Hypnosis Grad
  • 5-PATH Practitioner
  • Regression Hypnosis Boot Camp Graduate
Course content
Expand all 94 lectures 05:48:36
+ Welcome
5 lectures 22:17

Introduction to the Ready for Regression Course.

Preview 03:43

An overview of what you learn in the Ready for Regression Course.

Preview 05:25

About your instructor, Wendie Webber.

Preview 05:39

How the Tribe of Healers Hypnosis Practice Business System started with The Devil's Therapy.

Preview 02:28
+ Prepare the Client
6 lectures 21:55

An introduction to the 5 Essential Tools of Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Preview 03:09

The Subconscious Mind’s primary concern is safety.  This is not something you can over-ride.  It’s something you need to work with.  Here is one of the easiest ways to set things up for regression to happen easily.

Make It Safe - Part 1
Make It Safe - Part 2

The state of hypnosis makes it easier to remember things.  So what we want to do here is enhance the client’s recall of consciously remembered events and then convert that ability to into regression.  You can do this very easily.  

Use Memory - Part 1
Memory - Part 2
+ Pseudo-Regression
5 lectures 15:21

Three reasons to use the Hypermnesia Exercise in the first session.

The Hypermnesia Exercise - Part 1

Tips for Setting Up

Hypermnesia Exercise - Part 2

Tips for facilitating the Hypermnesia Exercise.

Hypermnesia Exercise - Part 3

How you can utilize the womb experience to begin the healing.

Hypermnesia Exercise - Part 4
Hypermnesia Exercise - Part 5
Practice using scripts for Snow Falling Deepener, Hypermnesia Exercise, Finger Pinch Anchor, and Regression Patter.
Prepare the Client
1 question
+ The Uncovering Procedure
4 lectures 13:08

During the client's first session you can test the Therapeutic Contract and teach the client how to interact with you using the 6 Basic Uncover Questions.

Uncovering Questions - Part 1

Questions 1 and 2 help the client to step into the scene from the past.

Uncovering Questions - Part 2

Questions 1 - 4 are qualifiers which prepare the client to answer Question 5.

Uncovering Questions - Part 3

Questions 6 is the key to locating the causal event and resolving the client's presenting issue.

Uncovering Questions - Part 4
+ UH-OH ...
6 lectures 20:04

Usually, your session will go like clockwork.  But not always.  Sometimes things will go sideways so you need to be prepared for it.  3 things that will typically happen when you instruct the client to go to a happy event.

Uh-oh .... Part 1

What to do when a client spontaneously regresses into a painful past event.

UH-OH ... Part 2


UH-OH ... Part 3

When your client goes back to a painful event, their Subconscious Mind is showing you the “owie.”  When that happens follow these 3 simple steps.

Touching the Owie

Buttoning up allows you to come back to where you left off so you can finish up the work in the next session.  

Buttoning Up - Part 1
Buttoning Up - Part 2
Practice the Uncovering Procedure using the Hypermnesia Exercise.
Uncovering Procedure
1 question
+ Regression Mistakes
6 lectures 20:44

Regression Mistake #1 is assuming that what the client is reporting is fact-based.

Mistake #1- Fact: Part 1
Mistake #1 - Fact: Part 2
Mistake #2 - Forgetting
Mistake #3 - Feelings Part 1

Regression Mistake #3 is trying to get rid of a feeling.

Mistake #3 - Feelings Part 2
Mistake #3 - Feelings Part 3
+ Inner Child Work
6 lectures 21:01

In the Ready for Regression Session, the objective is to teach the client how to interact with their younger self in a way that promotes positive change.  Their job is to take on the role of a loving parent.  But not every client is ready, willing, or able to do that

Set Up for Parts Work - Part 1

How Inner Child Work works and why you need to assess.

Set Up for Parts Work - Part 2

The client does all the work.  Your job is to coach them through the process.

Set Up for Parts Work - Part 3

Review of steps.

Set Up for Parts Work - Part 4

Before you can proceed with the Inner Child Work you need to be sure you have a Grownup who can be there for the Child in a loving way. 

Assess the Adult - Part 1
Assess the Adult - Part 2
+ Resourcing
7 lectures 24:18

Resourcing is a process of finding internal resources to empower the client - so they can heal.  Some clients just need a little resourcing to be able show up fully for their Inner Child. 

Resourcing - Part 1
Resourcing - Part 2
Resourcing - Part 3

Love heals.  And there is a love inside of each of us that can be accessed for the purposes of healing.  

Find the Love - Part 1
Find the Love - Part 2
Find the Love - Part 3
Find the Love - Part 4
+ Dialogue Work
6 lectures 24:34

A Course in Miracles says, “Only what is loving is true.”  This is especially true when it comes to Inner Child Work because the things a person says to themselves, in the privacy of their own Mind, have the power to affect how they feel.  

Only What is True - Part 1
Only What is True - Part 2
Only What is True - Part 3

Inner Child Work is a process we use a lot in regression sessions.  Through the process the client will heal themselves by helping the wounded Parts of come to peace.  It also gives you a way to test the truth of a suggestion before you give it!

Validate Truth - Part 1

How to let the client do all the work.

Validate Truth - Part 2

How to integrate the changes.

Validate Truth - Part 3
Practice setting up for the Inner Child Dialogue Process
Inner Child Work
1 question
+ Forgiveness Work
8 lectures 26:59

The client is not always consciously aware that there is a problem with the relationship.  Often they’ll tell you they’ve already dealt with it.  

The Mask of Forgiveness - Part 1
Mask of Forgiveness - Part 2

During the healing process you are going to ask the client to forgive themselves and the people who hurt them.  But before you ask them to do that, you need to set things up for forgiveness to happen.

Set Up for Forgiveness - Part 1
Set Up for Forgiveness - Part 2

The place to begin the forgiveness is with the Child.  This will make it easier for the client to be willing to forgive in more challenging situations from the past.  

Begin with the Child - Part 1
Begin With the Child - Part 2

There are going to be people in your client’s past who need to be forgiven before the client can heal.  The uncovering work of regression hypnosis will reveal who these people are.  But first on the list are the people who had the greatest influence on the client growing up.

First on the Forgiveness List - Part 1
First on the Forgiveness List - Part 2