Hypnosis Practice Potty Break Protocol
4.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Hypnosis Practice Potty Break Protocol

How to Set Up to Wrap Up & Get Results That Last in Your Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions
4.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
86 students enrolled
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Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • How to Use a Strategically-Placed Potty Break to Set Up for a Multi-Session Healing Program
  • How to Create a Session Worksheet with All the Key information You Need During a Regression Hypnotherapy Session
  • How to Clearly Identify What to Focus On When the Client Has Multiple Issues
  • How to Decide Where to Begin the Healing Process
  • How to Wrap Up Your Sessions Powerfully Without Needing a Script
  • How to Encourage Integration of Change
  • How to Encourage the Subconscious Mind to Generalize Change
  • How to Quickly Debrief a Client in Just a Few Minutes
  • How to Set Up for the Client's Next Session
  • How to Test Your Results Between Sessions
  • Certification in Regression Hypnosis
  • Enthusiasm to Learn, Grow Knowledge, and Develop Skill Facilitating Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • In the Educational Pre-Talk program you will learn how to your hypnosis pre-talk to make your client a willing participant in the healing journey.

What if you could use it to set yourself up to be successful facilitating a multi-session hypnotherapy program?  The Potty-Break Protocol is a much-overlooked empowerment process that can help you get more consistent results in your healing sessions with clients.  In just a few minutes you can set yourself up to be successful by setting up before you begin the hypnosis so you can wrap up powerfully after each session. 

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How to Set Up and Wrap Up Your Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • How to Create a Session Worksheet You Can Use in Multiple Sessions

  • The 3 Key Pieces of Information You Need in Every Hypnotherapy Session   

  • What to Do When the Client Has More Than One Issue

  • How to Decide Where to Begin the Healing Process   

  • How to Connect All the Dots to Get a Result

  • Techniques for Integrating and Generalizing Change During Hypnosis

  • How to Wrap Up Your Hypnosis Session When There’s Still Work to Be Done   

  • The 3 R’s in the Wrap-Up Review   

  • How to Debrief the Client with a 2-Minute Post-Hypnosis Coaching Session

  • How to Test Your Results to Ensure Real and Lasting Change  

  • Why It’s Important to Keep The Hypnosis Contract Open

You'll also get this BONUS CONTENT:

  • First Hypnosis System Flowchart

  • Template: Hypnosis Session Worksheet 1

  • Template: Hypnosis Session Worksheet 2

  • Checklist: Laundry List Technique

  • Checklist: The Wrap Up Review

  • Checklist: 3 Important Things Hypnosis Session Debriefing Process

  • PDF Report of Complete Course

  • Bonus Lessons: Preliminary Testing Techniques

Get Started Today!  Learn How to Use a Strategically-Placed Potty Break to Set Yourself Up to Get Better Results Guiding Your Clients Through a Regression Hypnotherapy Program.

Who this course is for:
  • Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis practitioners Who Want to Facilitate Multi-Session Healing Programs
  • Regression Hypnotherapist
  • Student of Dave Elman approach to Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Omni-Hypnosis Grad
  • 5-PATH Practitioner
  • Regression Hypnosis Boot Camp Graduate
Course content
Expand all 41 lectures 02:49:02
+ Introduction
3 lectures 10:32

A brief overview of the Potty Break Protocol Program.

Preview 03:11

Introduction to your instructor, Wendie Webber.

Preview 02:55

How the Potty Break System fits into the Tribe of Healers First Session System.

Preview 04:26
+ Prepare a Session Worksheet
11 lectures 42:41

How having a strategically-placed potty-break allows you and the client to prepare for the hypnosis session.

Preview 05:04

The Session Worksheet holds three critical pieces of information that you need to refer to in every session.  This is the key information you will use this information in every session.  And at the end of each session you can use it to create targeted suggestions.  

Critical Information - Part 1
Critical Information - Part 2

The client’s therapeutic goal is like your north star.  It tells you where to go as you navigate the client through the process.  So, you need to have a clearly defined therapeutic goal for the process.   The Laundry List Technique can help you to zero in on the correct goal.

Therapeutic Goal - Part 1

Having a Laundry List of issues can tell you where to look for evidence of change.

Therapeutic Goal - Part 2

The Conditions for Change gives you a list of changes the client recognizes will contribute to them achieving that goal.  You can use this information to plot a course toward their final destination.

Conditions for Change - Part 1
Conditions for Change - Part 2

The benefits list tells you the motivating factor.  That’s what’s in it for them.  It’s why they’re taking this journey with you.  

Benefits of Change - Part 1

How to test the client's Benefits of Change.

Benefits of Change - Part 2

There are people in your client’s life who may be contributing to the problem that they’ve come to see you to resolve.  These people will be revealed during the intake process and during regression sessions.

Key Players - Part 1
Key Players - Part 2
+ Wrap Up Powerfully
8 lectures 35:36

The purpose of your session wrap-up is to connect everything that has occurred in the session to the client’s goal.  It’s a way to take everything that happened in the session and turn it into a gift. 

Connect - Part 1
Connect - Part 2

Integrating change means pulling all the pieces together.  This is something you can do at the end of each session.  And it only takes a few moments to do.


The Subconscious Mind naturally generalizes learning.  A powerful way to encourage this natural process is a technique called Timeline Generalization.  Here’s how I use it.

Generalize Change - Part 1

Memory is, at best, incomplete.  The process of regression-to-cause hypnotherapy helps to uncover the missing pieces. The most important piece is how it feels.

Generalize Change - Part 2

There will be times when you’re not able to get a full resolution of the issue in a session.  Sometimes the client will bump into a big bucket of pain.  Sometimes there just won’t be enough time to uncover or clear everything that’s been brought to light.  So what do you do?

Big Bucket of Pain

The most powerful way to validate positive change.

Create the Future

The purpose of the Wrap-Up Review is to review everything that has happened during the session.  And turn it into a learning experience and, therefore, an empowerment for the client.  The 3 R’s in the Wrap-Up Review.  

The Wrap-Up Review
+ Set Up for Next Session
5 lectures 20:58

Life is always going to be throwing tests out in front of the client.  So you need to keep the contract open.  

Keep the Contract Open

The debriefing session happens after you emerge the client.  It only takes a couple of minutes. And the purpose of this short debriefing session is to remind the client that healing is a process.  

Debrief the Client - Part 1
Debrief the Client - Part 2

The 2-Minute Coaching Session is a debriefing technique you can easily incorporate into every session to help you to get better results.

The 2-Minute Coaching Session - Part 1
The 2-Minute Coaching Session - Part 2
+ Get a Complete Healing
5 lectures 24:37

To get a complete healing of an issue you need to take care of all the aspects that are contributing to it. And the only way to know for sure that you got everything is to test your results. There are two ways to test outcomes.  

Preview 03:16

The purpose of giving the client a homework assignment is not to assign a task.  It’s not about requiring the client to perform some action.  That can just set them up for failure.  Here's how to use homework in a way that empowers you and the client.

Assign Homework - Part 1

An example of how you can test the results immediately following a session.

Assign Homework - Part 2

Any homework assignment requires the client’s conscious consent.  They need to be 100% willing to take action.

Get Conscious Consent - Part 1
Get Conscious Consent - Part 2
Potty Break Quiz
8 questions
+ Conclusion
1 lecture 05:15

A quick recap of what you've learned and the next step.

+ BONUS: Preliminary Testing
7 lectures 26:50

The way to ensure that your results are real and lasting is to test your results. The only real test of your results is going to be in the client’s waking life. 

Preliminary Testing - Part 1

The only real test of your results is going to be in the client’s waking life.  But there are a couple of preliminary tests you can use during hypnosis sessions. 

Preliminary Testing - Part 2

More examples of how to use a preliminary technique before testing the results in the client's daily life.

Preliminary Testing - Part 3
Preliminary Testing - Part 4

A simple technique you can use to empower the client and reinforce success.

Preliminary Testing - Part 5

How to use Preliminary Testing to assess the client's expectations for the future.

Preliminary Testing - Part 6

How to use uncovering techniques as a preliminary testing strategy.

Preliminary Testing - Part 7
+ The Next Step
1 lecture 02:33

Where do you go from here?   Make sure you download your BONUS report.  Udemy has changed their policy with respect to coupon codes but you'll find all Tribe of Healer are extremely affordable.  I'm giving away the farm here so take advantage while it lasts.  Grab the whole system using the referral links in your report.

The Next Step