Hypnosis Practice Educational PreTalk Process
4.9 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Hypnosis Practice Educational PreTalk Process

Are You Doing All the Work In Your Regression Hypnosis Sessions? How to Make the Client a Partner In Their Own Healing
4.9 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
89 students enrolled
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Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Create an Educational Pre-Talk Specifically for Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis
  • Prepare a Client for Regression Hypnosis Using 7 Core Concepts
  • Use a Mind Model to Empower Your Clients
  • Use 3 Key Elements to Educate Your Clients About the Healing Process
  • Comfortably Address Unspoken Objections
  • Make Your Client a Partner in The Healing Process
  • Teach Pre-Hypnosis Techniques to Give You a Better Client for Regression Sessions
  • Create an Educational Pre-talk You Can Use for Sessions and Presentations
  • Establish the Therapeutic Contract Using the 3 Fs
  • Certification in Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Enthusiasm to Learn, Grow Knowledge, and Develop Skill Facilitating Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Computer to Download Bonus Content and Reports

Do you want clients who are willing to regress into painful past events?  Educate them about the process before you ask them to "go there"!  The purpose of the educating the client about hypnosis is to establish a Therapeutic Contract. You need this because Regression Hypnosis is a process of facilitated self-change and self-healing.  And to get consistent results in your sessions you need clients who are prepared to do the work necessary to get the results they’re after.  In the Educational Pre-Talk program you will learn how to create a hypnotherapy pre-talk that establishes a clear Therapeutic Contract that makes your client a willing participant in their own healing. 

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How to Create an Educational Pre-Talk for Regression-To-Cause Hypnosis

  • 7 Core Concepts to Establishing the Therapeutic Contract

  • How to Use Your Mind Model to Empower the Client   

  • How Memory Forms

  • Why Problems Often Get Started in Childhood

  • How Hypnosis is a Natural Mind-Body Healing State   

  • How Stress is a Major Contributor to Many of the Problems Clients Will Bring to You   

  • Why Most of the Issues We Deal with in Regression Sessions are Based in Trauma   

  • Tips for Working with Traumatic Memory

  • How to Establish a Therapeutic Contract for Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis

You'll also get this BONUS CONTENT:

  • Mind Model Image

  • BRAC Image

  • Checklist: 7 Core Concepts for Creating Your Educational Pre-Talk for Regression Hypnosis

  • Done-4-U "SET for Success" Educational Pre-Talk Presentation You Can Customize and Use In Your Own Sessions

  • PDF Report of Complete Course

  • Audio Recording of Each Lesson

  • Meridian Tapping Techniques Guidelines Client Handout

Get started today!  Educate Your Hypnotherapy Client in a Way That Prepares Them to Participate in The Healing Journey.

Who this course is for:
  • Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis Practitioners Who Wants to Confidently Facilitate a Healing Journey
  • Regression Hypnotherapist
  • Student of Dave Elman approach to Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Omni-Hypnosis Grad
  • 5-PATH Practitioner
  • Regression Hypnosis Boot Camp Grad
Course content
Expand all 39 lectures 02:16:09
+ Welcome
3 lectures 12:18

A quick overview of the course content.

Preview 04:18

About your instructor, Wendie Webber.

Preview 02:58

How to get the most out of this course.

Before We Begin ...
+ How the Mind Works
6 lectures 23:04

Educating your clients about the healing process begins with how the Mind works.  

The Mind Model - Part 1

Your Mind model should show the client why they haven’t been able to resolve the problem.

Preview 02:54

At the deepest level of Mind there is a Part of us that never changes.

How the Mind Works - Part 1

Habits are learned and they serve a positive purpose.

How the Mind Works - Part 2

Memories are a record of what we learned from experience. Based on those learnings we formed beliefs.  Some people call this “programming.” 


Our Core Beliefs are based on the perceptions of a child.

Memories - Part 2
+ How Hypnosis Works
5 lectures 16:08

Hypnosis is not what most people think.  So once you have shown the client how the Mind is designed, educate them about how hypnosis is a natural state we all experience throughout the day.

Hypnosis Happens - Part 1

Hypnosis is not sleep.

Hypnosis Happens - Part 2

Relaxation is often a wonderful side benefit of hypnosis.  But a person doesn't need to be able to relax to experience hypnosis.  This is an important distinction to make with clients for two reasons. 

Hypnosis is NOT Relaxation

Many people have fears and misconceptions about hypnosis - but they may not tell you.

Unspoken Objections

Both the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind want the same thing - safety.

Objections - Part 2
+ Mind & Body Work Together
2 lectures 08:22

The body is the Subconscious Mind.  That's where we feel all our feelings. 


The client can override the healing process simply by bringing in the Thinking Part of them and putting a lid on the feelings.  That’s trying to use the wrong part of the Mind.

Thinking Blocks
+ The Stress Factor
4 lectures 12:53

Stress the body's natural response to threat.

Address Stress - Part 1

The Subconscious Mind cannot distinguish between a real and an imagined threat.

Address Stress - Part 2

The body cannot make decisions.  It just does what it’s told.  So, when there’s a problem at a physical level, there’s always a reason.

Mind-Body Healing - Part 1

The negative effects of stress are not inevitable.  In fact, stress can make us stronger and more capable of dealing with stressors in daily life.

Mind-Body Healing - Part 2
+ Tracks & Trauma
6 lectures 20:12

Problems in adult life often track back to unresolved trauma from the past.  So you need to educate your clients about the concept of tracks and trauma.

A Problem of Time

Everybody’s got trauma from their past so many of the issues we work with in regression have roots in trauma.   It's just that trauma is not what most people think because there are two types of trauma.

Trauma - Part 1

Trauma doesn't have to be a big hairy-scary event. 

Trauma - Part 2

The problem with traumatic experience isn't what happened. 

Story - Part 1

The Real Problem is a Story that gets stored as a Subconscious Truth.

Story - Part 2

The Subconscious Mind doesn’t speak the language of reason and logic.  It speaks the language of feelings.  

Subconscious Knows
+ How to Get Relief
6 lectures 19:24

Before you begin the hypnosis it can sometimes be useful to teach the client techniques that you will be using together in sessions. The following three techniques are simple to teach.  They can give you a more cooperative client to work with by helping increase the client’s faith in your ability to help them get rapid relief.

Find the Feeling

Labels are an effective way for a person to distance themselves from the actual feeling.  This is something to avoid in your sessions.

Name the Feeling

When a client becomes aware of a feeling inside, that’s their feeling.  But if they don’t own it, they can’t do anything with it. 

Claim the Feeling - Part 1

How to use the client's own biological feedback system to guide you in sessions.

Claim the Feeling - Part 2

Tapping really helps to move things along in a regression session because it gives you a way to release stuck emotions very quickly.  You’ll be amazed how powerful this is in hypnosis.  

Tapping Techniques - Part 1
Tapping Techniques - Part 2
+ Establish the Contract
5 lectures 16:54

You don’t have to solve the client’s whole problem all in one go.  Just use your educational pre-talk to show them how to get some relief before you begin the hypnosis and you’ll set them up to be successful working with you.

How to Respond

Healing is something that happens naturally given the right conditions.  You just need to set up for it.  You can do this using the 3 Fs in Contract.

The 3 F's in Contract
3 Fs in Contract - Part 2

Tips on how to create your educational pre-talk in a way that keeps you more consistent from session to session.

Preview 03:44

Why you should avoid using a canned pre-talk audio or video presentation.

Preview 02:08
Educational Pre-Talk Quiz
16 questions
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 06:54

A quick recap of what you've just learned.


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