HTML: The first step for absolute beginners

Start developing your first web pages even if you don't have any IT background
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (205 ratings)
10,402 students
HTML: The first step for absolute beginners
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (205 ratings)
10,402 students
Create a basic web page from the scratch
Able to understand the HTML code
Able to know what is the next step
Break the fear of coding web pages :)
Getting your gift!


  • Your passion :)
  • Able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • Able to understand lessons in English
  • Having internet connection with web browser. It is preferred to use Google Chrome, but not compulsory
  • It is preferred to work in Windows environment
  • No need to have any experience. It is my job to build it for you :)
  • We will install the development software together. Don't worry
  • Again, your passion :)

Yes!! this is the first course you should start with when think of developing web pages by yourself.

Yes!! this is the right course for you if you are absolute beginner.

Yes!! this is the right course for you even if you don't ever touched programming.

Yes!! this is the right course if you don't have any IT background.

Yes!! this course will teach you in very simple steps how to develop your first web page using HTML. Even if you have only 10% ( yes ten ) of trusting your abilities, it is enough to enjoy the course.

Remember, everything in this life could seems difficult at the first seconds, but by keep going and practice, nothing will be difficult.

See you guys in the class :)

Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners
  • Both from IT and non IT background. Still promise you, you will learn it :)
10 sections • 36 lectures • 3h 29m total length
  • 1.1 What is HTML? Why HTML?
  • 1.2 Answering some questions before we start
  • 2.1 Where is HTML?
  • 2.2 Setting up NotePad++
  • 2.3 How to work with NotePad++?
  • 3.1 HTML file extensions and creating the first HTML page
  • 3.2 The main structure of HTML page
  • 3.3 Start coding the page structure
  • 3.4 Do you want to see your first visible page?
  • 3.5 Changing the page title
  • 3.6 Using comments
  • 3.7 Quick note ( !DOCTYPE html )
  • 4.1 Before diving in this section
  • 4.2 Using Headings
  • 4.3 Bold, italic, underlined and centred text
  • 4.4 Paragraphs
  • 4.5 Using the tag ( Font )
  • 4.6 Horizontal lines
  • 5.1 Bringing image from the internet
  • 5.2 The most common image locations
  • 5.3 Using ( img ) tag
  • 5.4 Image size
  • 5.5 Image alignment
  • 6.1 Understanding the concept
  • 6.2 External links
  • 6.3 Internal links
  • 6.4 Inline links
  • 6.5 Links on images
  • 7.1 Understanding the concept
  • 7.2 Developing tables
  • 7.3 Changing table's width
  • 8.1 Lists: What does it mean?
  • 8.2 Developing lists
  • 9.1 The layout design
  • 9.2 The coding part
  • What is next?

Mr. Bahjat
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 205 Reviews
  • 10,402 Students
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Bahjat is working as an IT lecturer. He is interested in teaching IT professional courses. After the success of his free course (HTML: The first step for absolute beginners), he dedicated himself to teach IT professional courses.