HTML and CSS for Beginners - Build a Website & Launch ONLINE

HTML and CSS for Beginners course will give your all the knowledge you need to master HTML and CSS easily and quickly.
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (26,279 ratings)
294,192 students
HTML and CSS for Beginners - Build a Website & Launch ONLINE
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (26,317 ratings)
294,372 students
You will Learn HTML
You will learn CSS
You will get a certification after the course that you can print
You will get the skills you need to make websites


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Certification after course completion

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Have you ever wanted to learn HTML and CSS but thought it was too hard or just did not have time or money?

This step by step HTML and CSS course will help you learn coding fast and with an instructor that really cares about his students.

Learning to code will help you make more money in your job, or even find a better job, or even better yet, get a nice job as web developer.

HTML and CSS are the foundations you need to get into any programming language.

What are your waiting? Every minute you let by is money and opportunity that are passing you by. Don't put it off anymore and get the knowledge your need to succeed today.

Enroll today and begin your Adventure into becoming a code ninja with your Sensei Instructor Edwin Diaz.

Who this course is for:
  • Total beginners
  • Any person wishing to learn coding
  • Any person that want to edit their website
  • Any person looking for a second income online
  • Any Student looking for quick way to learn HTML & CSS should take this course
7 sections • 49 lectures • 5h 49m total length
  • Some Tips to get you started
  • What is HTML?
  • Course Exercise and Video Quality
  • Code Editor
  • Quiz 1
  • First HTML Code
  • Exploring the document
  • Headings
  • Comments, White Space and line breaks
  • Popular HTML tags
  • Creating Images
  • Creating Links
  • Clickable Images
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Lists
  • The Rest of the HTML tags
  • Quiz 2
  • Create an HTML paragraph element with some text inside
  • Create the biggest heading
  • Inline Style
  • Internal Style
  • External Style
  • Selectors
  • Id's and Classes
  • Linking Javascript
  • Common Styling Properties
  • Inserting Pictures and Styling
  • Inserting Pictures Via CSS
  • Hover Effect
  • Where to go next (IMPORTANT)
  • Intro
  • Structure
  • Menu
  • Main Divs
  • Footer and more
  • Styling Container, body and header
  • Styling menu
  • Styling main div
  • Styling footer part 1
  • Styling footer part 2
  • Home page image
  • About Page
  • Form HTML markup
  • Styling form part 1
  • Styling form part 2
  • Styling form part 3
  • Intro and what we need!
  • Uploading files
  • Process PHP page
  • Validation on the fly
  • Sending emails
  • Adding Images

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Edwin Diaz is a software and web technologies engineer, a life coach trainer who is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple online businesses, ranging from online jewelry shops, affiliate websites, application development and consultations services, personal online schools, etc.

With over one million students, and clients growing by the thousands a day, Mr. Diaz lets the numbers speak for themselves.

Founding multiple online companies have allowed Mr. Diaz to have the time to teach others. He currently teaches web technologies on different online platforms. He also teaches life coaching sessions to help others achieve a high level of success in many areas of life.

For Mr. Diaz, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others become successful.

His ability to transmit energy, enthusiasm, and complex knowledge allows him to do what he does best "Teach".

Teaching is not just a job for Mr. Diaz but a way of life that continues to flourish every single day.

Apart from teaching he enjoys spending part of his time with his family.

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