HTML and CSS Basics

Start creating webpages using HTML and CSS
English [Auto]
Create a basic webpage using HTML and an external CSS sheet
Create custom navigation bars
Layout web pages using 2 columns


  • No previous knowledge needed.
  • Computer and text editor (such as sublime text or notepad) needed, or a web development application such as Dreamweaver


This tutorial set is aimed at students who are beginning web design, we cover the basics of HTML and a number of important elements within that code.

We then move on to begin looking at CSS and how we can use it to style and format our web pages.

At the end of the tutorial set, we have a simple website, which could be used as a portfolio or information giving site! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to begin web development using HTML and CSS

Course content

6 sections28 lectures2h 17m total length
  • Introduction


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Michael Phillimore
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I have been a lecturer in Further and Higher Education in the UK since 2009. I have taught a wide variety of topics, though I specialise in creative style topics such as Web Development, eCommerce and Graphic Design. Other subjects I have taught include Information Systems, Game Development, Databases and Human Computer Interface(HCI). I have always enjoyed teaching and watching students develop their skills always brings a great deal of satisfaction to me. I hope my videos are of benefit to you and you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!!