Hiring: For Owners and Managers of Businesses

Now you too can hire like a pro, and it's easier than you thought
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (77 ratings)
694 students
Hiring: For Owners and Managers of Businesses
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (77 ratings)
695 students
Understand and utilize a simple and systematic 8-step hiring process.
Recruit and shortlist candidates with the aid of templates.
Use the scenario-based interview technique to identify true expertise


  • Beginners Course - No special requirements other than a computer with a spreadsheet program.


Hiring new staff distracts from daily demands on time, and outsourcing the recruitment exercise can be a recurring expense. With a little bit of effort and a tiny investment, owners of small businesses and branch office managers can now arm themselves with skills required to hire staff, just as any professional human resource person.

  • Use a simple and systematic Hiring Process that covers all the steps

  • In 3 quick steps, define, recruit and shortlist candidates

  • Employ the 3 types of interview questions

  • Take the scenario-based approach to identify real expertise as opposed to paper qualifications and testimonials

  • Understand and execute the behind-the-scenes work leading up to the interview

My course contains no theory but takes a hands-on approach to hiring people.

I designed the course complete with templates so that students, who have no prior training in human resource, can download and adapt for their particular situation.

Throughout the course, you’ll do several exercises – True or False type – just so you can take stock of your progress.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently handle your own hiring.

Who this course is for:

  • Owners of small businesses who wish to handle their own hiring.
  • Managers who want a quick grounding on the various aspects of hiring.
  • Students of management.

Course content

4 sections • 17 lectures • 1h 27m total length
  • Introduction
  • The 8-Step Hiring Process
  • Lecture 2 Review
    3 questions
  • Meet Your Instructor


Team Builder
Eric Alagan
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Eric Alagan believes in lifelong learning for career, business and self-fulfillment.

He is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer; has a Degree in Business from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia; and a Master's Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from University South Australia. He is self-taught in various disciplines, published 10 books, including 5 business books, and is a bestselling author.

Eric held progressive responsibilities in various industries and along the way, he launched several successful business ventures. He last held the position of Managing Director, Far East, for a German aerospace business.

Currently, Eric is a full-time author and provides business consultancy in human resource (specializing in hiring and performance reviews).

He aims to share his knowledge and experiences, and shorten the learning curve for people looking to make their mark in business and career. He has taken many wrong turns; is a brutal self-analyst; and, as a result, has learned to accomplish tasks faster, with better quality outputs and greater cost-effectiveness. He never repeats mistakes but tries to make new ones.

His courses condense over 40 years of real-life professional and business experience.

He is a firm believer and practitioner of treating people as he wishes to be treated.