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Hiring is hard. By most accounts, making a hiring decision is a 50-50 situation for employers. As a job seeker, this can be heartbreaking to hear. But rather than focus on what could be construed as negative, this course explores the opportunities for job seekers.

While How to Write a Résumé focuses on career chronicling content, it also shows job seekers a different way of approaching the job hunting process and how to present themselves to employers. This course is for job seekers who are stuck on deciding what to include (and exclude) on a resume. It’s for job seekers who haven’t been in the job market for a while and need an update on what’s what. It is about positioning yourself in the most effective way possible so that hiring managers and recruiters know right away that they should consider you for the opportunity in question.

My goal is not to help you find your dream job. My goal is to help you understand the forces that influence hiring processes in modern times, and how you can best present yourself as a working professional to hiring managers and recruiters. I offer a point of view, informed by ten years of human resources and recruiting experience, that focuses on job seekers’ individual strengths and experiences while educating them on the markets they are working within. Job seekers should focus on what they can control. Put simply, it’s their professional narrative. Take this course and learn how to write yours.

Who this course is for:

  • Job seekers
  • People returning to the workforce
  • People looking for an update on modern hiring practices

Course content

4 sections10 lectures45m total length
  • Why this course
  • The Job Hunting Landscape
  • About Sara, your instructor


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Sara Salam
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My name is Sara Salam.

I have hired 3,000+ people in various positions over the last decade.

As a former Recruiter and Human Resources Professional of 10 years (for the Boston Red Sox and LA Clippers), I know what employers look for when reviewing resumes, cover letters, any and all of the content that helps hiring managers and recruiters make hiring decisions.

As part of my career consulting work, I review your current versions(s) of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or cover letter, provide feedback on the content, and provide you with updated, refreshed versions that cater to the hiring manager’s wants and needs, as well as optimize SEO when you submit through job boards and various applicant tracking systems.

Fun facts: I am a former Boston Red Sox and LA Clippers front office recruiter, and 2013 World Series Champion.

I know what hiring managers and recruiters look for on a resume. Let me help you get hired faster!