Instagram for business: Marketing Tactics

Selling Jewelry using Instagram
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1. Produce irresistible content and make massive sales - Produce visually compelling experiences that excite your followers
2. Monetize your Instagram presence and Instagram jewelry adverts
3. Increase conversion rates, engagement rate and wider audience using Instagram adverts
4. Work with influencers to increase brand awareness and drive sales
5. Use social proof to influence consumer purchasing
6. Refine Instagram content marketing and advert through A/B testing
7. Make adverts that convert strangers into customers
8. Steadily increase your following and client base
9. Avoid common Instagram marketing mistakes
10. Boost engagement, drive traffic to your website and increase Jewellery sales through Instagram stories
11. Reach the widest audience imaginable through Instagram live
12. Ensure the most important highlights are seen first


  • 1. A smartphone or a laptop
  • 2. Internet connectivity
  • 3. Willingness to learn


This course contains in-depth knowledge on how to begin and run an online jewelry marketing business. In a nutshell, some of the important topics, tips, and nuggets of wisdom include;

1. Setting up your Instagram jewelry business account and creating an attractive, powerful and professional Instagram business profile

2. Produce engaging content that will captivate and hook your followers, clients, and visitors from start to finish

3. Build strong trustworthy relationships with your Instagram followers and clients

4. Use the marketing skills in this course to convert followers to paying customers and regular clients

5. Keeping up with all the new features Instagram is implementing to grow your jewelry business and account.

6. Use Instagram selling tools that make your jewelry products easy to shop and purchase. These tools will make it easier for clients to choose the specific product they desire, make the payment and get their jewelry products.

7. Use Instagram advertising to increase your return on investment, engagement in your products and drive sales

8. Use A/B testing to see what works best when it comes to jewelry advertising and what to do to ensure you don’t end up making losses in your precious business

9. Avoid common Instagram marketing mistakes and know the right choices to make when marketing on one of the most popular social media sites in the world

10. Check Instagram analytics to check the success of your jewelry campaigns

11. Using social proof to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions and make them buy your sparkly jewelry

12. Instagram marketing best practices that will make your sales sky-rocket and your profit increase tremendously.

13. Create an extremely appealing Instagram business bio that captivates the jewelry-loving audience you are actively looking for

During this Instagram course, we will learn and practice lots of powerful tools which make jewelry marketing on Instagram easier.

Who this course is for:

  • 1. Beginners and Intermediate students on Instagram
  • 2. Jewelry businesses that want to venture into Instagram marketing
  • 3. Small jewelry businesses and entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales through Instagram
  • 4. Jewelry sellers who want a wider market for their beautiful jewelry products
  • 5. Anyone who wants to begin marketing their products on Instagram
  • 6. People who want to save time and learn the best Instagram marketing strategies that work for businesses
  • 7. Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to spread their brand all over the world
  • 8. Anyone who wants to gain thousands to millions of followers

Course content

8 sections23 lectures1h 22m total length


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Yariv Guy
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My name is Yariv Gai, I spent almost seven years in Bangkok, and I fluently speak Thai, English, and Hebrew. I have spent the majority of my life both as a marketer, and as an online entrepreneur, my primary interests have been to impart knowledge to others. I believe that the success of others boils down to the opportunities to learn from the life experiences of professionals.  

As an Entrepreneur, I have also ventured into many forms of business over the years. Such activity includes jewelry marketing, in which I have spent more than seven years. I am often employed as a consultant for jewelry manufactures sourcing and online jewelry marketing. With years of experience and professionalism and expertise, I have been able to help different companies and entrepreneurs to obtain top quality jewelry products that conform to international standards. I provide necessary information on how to make crucial purchase decisions that will benefit your business.  

To be able to share my knowledge and lives experiences, I have also ventured into the art of writing ebooks; I presently have an Amazon eBooks on few niches Jewelry Business, Marketing, and Thailand. I also share practical experiences, advice, and information on YouTube. As of today, I have three different YouTube channels dedicated to different genres, namely (Retire in Thailand, My life in Thailand (which is in Hebrew) and jewelry business).    As internet nomads, and someone who loves to teach and share knowledge, I have also taken to Udemy couching; I am presently an online instructor, who teaches online marketing, social networking, video design and so much more. I own Udemy courses like how to sell jewelry, retire in Thailand, creating videos using smartphones, best smartphone editing applications and so many more.  

Coupled with all my skills, I am also a video editor; I provide a video editing service on the Fiverr platform and in person. I produce explicit slide shows, unique stop-motion videos, and finally, I offer professional editing touches to videos before publishing.   

 Meeting or hiring my services is just a click away, I provide pure professionalism, and my services are affordable and easily accessible, For more information or for you employ my services, you can send me a message anytime.

שמי יריב גיא, גרתי כמעט שבע שנים בבנגקוק, ואני דובר באופן שוטף תאית, אנגלית ועברית. רוב חיי עבדתי כמשווק  וכיזם מקוון, תחומי העניין העיקריים שלי היו להקנות ידע לאחרים. אני מאמין שההצלחה של אחרים מסתכמת בהזדמנויות ללמוד מחוויות החיים של אנשי מקצוע.

כיזם, לקחתי חלק בפעילויות הכוללת שיווק תכשיטים, בו עבדתי יותר משבע שנים. לעתים קרובות אני מועסק כיועץ לשיווק בוידאו. עם ניסיון של שנים ומומחיות בשיווק בוידאו, הצלחתי לעזור לחברות ויזמים שונים להפיק וידאו שיווקי איכותיי שעזר לקדם עסקים רבים.

אני משתף את הידע וההתנסויות שלי בחיים, בספרים דיגטליים; נכון לעכשיו יש לי ספרים אלקטרוניים של אמזון על כמה נישות עסקי תכשיטים, שיווק ותאילנד. אני גם משתף חוויות מעשיות, עצות ומידע    נכון להיום יש לי שלושה ערוצי יוטיוב שונים המוקדשים לז'אנרים שונים, כלומר (פרישה בתאילנד, חיי בתאילנד ושיווק בוידאו (שהוא בעברית) ושיווק תכשיטים). כיזם, ומי שאוהב ללמד ולשתף ידע, החלטתי להפיק קורסים ביודאמי; כיום אני מרצה אונליין, המלמד שיווק אונליין,

רשתות חברתית ושיווק וידיאו. בבעלותי קורסים של יודאמי כמו למכור  טיקטוק, עריכת וידאו שיווקי, הקמת עסק לתכשיטנייםם, לפרוש בתאילנד, ליצור סרטונים באמצעות סמארטפונים, אפליקציות עריכת בסמארטפון ועוד יחד עם כל כישורי, אני גם עורך וידיאו שיווקי לעסקי בפלטפורמת פייבר מידע נוסף לגבי השירותים שלי, אתם יכולים לשלוח לי הודעה בכל עת . תודה נתראה אונליין