How You Will Become A Successfull Chef!

Get exclusive and unique insights to boost your career in international kitchens
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The mindset, skills and virtues of a successful chef
Effective leadership techniques to form to build a strong kitchen team
Advantages and disadvantages of joining a culinary school
The truth about long working hours
How much money you can make as a chef
Where to find the best recipes
How long it takes to become a Master Chef
The most stressful part in a professional kitchen
Additional in-depth resource material


  • It will be great if you have an open mind and are willing to learn something new
  • Anyone how is interested to become a cook/chef
  • Students at any age


Congratualtions for picking my class!

When I was 16 years old I started my apprenticeship in a famous 5* star hotel in Berlin, Germany. Although I was so excited to learn everything about cooking and kitchen, I was completely green behind my ears and a total rooky. I was extremely nervous too. It took me literally decades to learn all the skills necessary to perform on the highest level.

In short: if you want to become a professional chef who is highly organized, able to handle stressful environments, has physical and mental stamina, is creative,  wants to make career abroad and earn good money, then you will love this course!

So let's get started!

1. What is this course about?

· In this course I am going to teach you many special skills and unique insights you need to boost your career in international kitchens.

2. For whom is this course for?

This course is for beginner cooks as well as for advanced chefs who need a refresher.

3. What will you learn?

  1. The mindset, skills and virtues of a chef for him/her to become successful

  2. Effective leadership techniques to form to build a strong kitchen team

  3. Advantages and disadvantages of joining a culinary school

  4. Where to find the best recipes

  5. The truth about long working hours

  6. How much money you can make a chef

  7. How to become a Master Chef

  8. 11 tools you defintely need in any kitchen!

  9. Additional in-depth resource material!

4. How and where can you apply the new knowledge?

You can apply this knowledge in any professional restaurant and hotel kitchen internationally

5. How will you benefit?

This course will prepare you if you want to make career in the hospitality industry. After finishing this course you will be skilled and knowledgable in many aspects of professional kitchens. This will give you a big advantage because you are much better equipped.

Who this course is for:

  • Apprentice chefs, Beginner cooks and anyone who is interested to start a professional career in the hotel and restaurant industry

Course content

1 section13 lectures55m total length
  • Welcome on Board!
  • What it really takes to become a Chef!
  • Should you go to Culinary School?
  • What you really need to know before joining Culinary School
  • Ask, Learn, Cook!
  • Three Top Qualities of a Chef
  • Make sure you have these 11 Tools in your Kitchen!
  • How many Hours do Chefs actually work?
  • How much Money does a Chef really make?
  • What is the most stressful Part in the Kitchen?
  • How long does it take to become a Master Chef?
  • Here you will find good Recipes!
  • Thank You and Congratulations!


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Marcel Riemer
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Hello, Marcel here!

​In September of 2015 I reached such a disastrous point in my life that I had to undertake a serious u-turn. This recalibration was necessary in order to get my life back on track where I wanted it to be.

Four years later, in 2019, I started my eLearning venture. In the meantime I became a passionate reader and personal development junky. It is absolutely crucial for me to study and grow on a permanent basis. I can not spend a day without reading in a book.

​I have specialized in psychology and communication, including leadership and persuasion. I am extremely excited to share all I have learned with other people and help them to advance with confidence.

​But before that...

​...I was born in Berlin, Germany, where I learned the art of cooking. Starting my profession at the tender age of 16, I ever since traveled the world, cooking in Hong Kong, broiling in Zurich, grilling in Kuala Lumpur, frying in San Diego, baking in Jakarta, sizzling in Beijing and many other places around the globe.

​I was part of world class teams at international luxury hotels and resorts such as Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Accor S.A., leading large teams of up to 120 cooks.

The kitchen life taught me lessons the hard way. It was not all “rise and shine” along my rocky way. Tremendous obstacles had to be overcome.

​My comprehensive travels across 4 continents motivated me to write a book which is about the “normal every-day” chef, who goes out of his way to make people happy.

I am the author of “Slamming It Out!”, my first book which I have released in 2019. In it I share my unparalleled views. I give insights, lessons and share valuable tips, tricks and other tools which will help not only the beginner cook but also the experienced chef including food lovers from across the globe.

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