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Get Behind The Scenes On How I Use Youtube On My 7-Figure Business
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Are you a Small Business that wants to use Youtube but doesn't know where to start?

Hi I'm Josh Pather I was recently awarded #63 Fastest Growing company In Texas and over the last couple of years I have managed to dominate my industry by using Youtube and with this easy and simple course, I'm going to show you how you can do this as well!! 

Well, anyone who does searches on Google that show video results has probably noticed that they’re far more likely to see YouTube videos than videos from any other source. My study confirmed that videos hosted on YouTube are the most likely videos to appear in the top 10 results and that you rarely will find a YouTube video ranking lower than the top 30 results.

We looked at over 6,000 queries that we thought were really quite likely to produce video results, and as you can see in this chart, 88% of the videos on the first page of Google were from YouTube, and YouTube took up more than half the video results for position 30 or higher.

60% Of Small Business Are Still Failing To Use Youtube As A Growth Strategy For Their Company...

Did You Know Youtube Is The #2 Search Engine?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business online and get all those customers you have been missing.

This course is GREAT for SERVICE businesses in all industries.

I'm going to break Youtube down for you in small chunks and show you behind the scenes of how I use it.

By the END you will have a clear understanding of how to grow your business with YOUTUBE no matter what industry you are in.

We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

Lets Roll!!

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Serial Entrepreneur & #63 Fastest Growing Company In Texas
Josh Pather
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Josh Pather

Professional Bio


2-Time 2 Comma Award Winner through Click Funnels by selling over 1 million dollars through a single funnel.

CEO Photo Booth International – Empowering over 2500 Entrepreneurs in 19 countries and counting.

Photo Booth International Featured in ClickFunnels Documentary

Board Member Photo Booth Dallas

Tai Lopez’s Knowledge Society Educator

SEO Master

Josh Pather was born in South Africa and came to the United States in 2001 with nothing more than a few bags and a strong desire to succeed.

On the plane as he walked to his uncomfortable seat in coach he said to himself, “One day I am going to travel business class and never go back.”

Mr. Pather has shown an incredible sense of business acumen from a young age. He began his career in junior high mowing lawns, after he had a neighbor show him how to do a great job at it. He didn’t last long mowing lawns though, as he quickly saw an opportunity in selling shoes he sourced from China at a 300% markup in high school. This is when he built his first website, during a period of massive internet growth in 2006 which created incredible opportunities with new platforms such as Alibaba. People at the local Western Union would give him odd glances as a high school student sending cash to China. He was finding a lot of success in this endeavor especially for a kid still in high school. What Josh didn’t know at the time was he had built a business around what we now call drop-shipping. This is where Mr. Pather met his first major challenge in business though. One day when he got home from school he opened a letter to find out he was being sued by Nike for $50,000. Getting slapped with a 50 thousand dollar lawsuit as an 18-year-old was unnerving. His instinct told him though that it would pass through, and it did. After settling the case for $5,000, and graduating from high school, he thought he’d try out a more traditional route with regular employment. He got a job at a local bank, but his entrepreneurial spirit quickly got the best of him again. He started a DJ business with a friend from the bank, and soon they were doing events together. Josh achieved success as a DJ and was invited to open for Dash Berlin, one of the top-5 DJs in the world.

The two partners saw an opportunity to add more value to their DJ gigs by incorporating a photo booth. The first booth was built from wood purchased at the local lumberyard and was built from scratch by the two new business partners. The first gig was a DJ and photo booth combo for $500 at a local party on a lead they found for free with a craigslist ad. Their partnership was short lived however due to a legal dispute. Josh was unswayed, and continued toward his vision. The following two years, sales really took off for the newly-minted business. Josh became an expert in SEO. He even named his new business for SEO reasons, Photo Booth Dallas. By 2014, Photo Booth Dallas was servicing over 800 events in a single year, for industry leaders such as Facebook, Capital One, McDonalds, and many others. He hired family members to help him meet the growing demand of his services and expanded his photo booth inventory.

In 2015 Josh responded to a growing demand from people wondering where they could purchase a photo booth. His created his solution with Photo Booth International(PBI). He built PBI with a different objective than just selling people photo booths. He decided he wanted to sell people true turn-key businesses by providing all the training and support a new entrepreneur would need to start a brand-new photo booth business from scratch. Not only did he create an impressive line of photo booths for his customers to choose from, but he also empowered them by giving them access to a full training system on how to make great money in the photo booth business. The results of this formula were truly extraordinary. Through innovation and advanced training for its customers, PBI quickly began to shape the industry. Within 2 years PBI had empowered over 600 entrepreneurs generating the interest of internet marketing master, Tai Lopez. Josh decided to participate in Tai’s Knowledge Society, marking another milestone achievement in his career.

In 2019 Photo Booth International had its best year to date. Josh and his business were featured in a ClickFunnels documentary for his rapidly growing success. He has also moved into different business domains including real estate. In 2019 Josh also received various shout outs from notables such as Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.

As of 2020, Photo Booth International has empowered over 3000 entrepreneurs to find financial freedom with their own businesses. Mr. Pather now lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Jazmine. He mentors people and businesses wanting to find even greater success through his Inner Circle Mentor-ship program, PBI Experience, and on his YouTube channel. He continues to care deeply about his customers’ success in the Photo Booth industry and gives his personal touch to every element of his rapidly expanding business.

In March of 2020, Josh Pather was recognized by INC Magazine to have the #63 growing company in Texas.

Yahoo Finance also pointed out that Josh Pather is

one of their Top Business Leaders You Should Follow in 2020.

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