How To Yell Scream (And Pitched Scream)

How To Scream Like Sam Carter (Architects) And Joe Duplantier (Gojira) Without Destroying Your Voice!
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Mastering the yell scream technique without hurting your voice
Learning what actually is "yell scream"
Different types of distortion that can be used for achieving the yell scream
How to avoid straining your voice while practicing yell scream/ pitched scream
How to develop screaming in a style of vocalists like Sam Carter (Architects) and Joe Duplantier (Gojira)
Learning/ improving technical foundations like good posture, breath support and voice emission before trying to practice yell scream
The most common mistakes causing pain and frustration, and how to avoid them!
How to achieve the yell scream using various types of distortion (fry and false chord)


  • Being able to produce even a basic fry scream or false chord growl/ scream or distortion for singing


Yell scream is probably one of the most intense and the most difficult extreme vocal techniques to master... Of course if you want to do it safe and avoid devastating your voice!

If you don't care about the level of your technique and a "vocal hygiene", doing a basic yell scream is not a big deal at all - you simply take a massive breath and then you produce the loudest and the most aggressive sound that you are able to spit out...

But if you do it that way, there is a very high probability - risk, that you will not only strain your voice (and make yourself forget what is a "comfort" when you do vocals in a matter of few weeks) but you are also creating a path of almost complete destruction of your voice (not mentioning massive headaches and dizziness that appear when you are yelling the sh*t out of your lungs).

It can last months or even years - the further from perfect is your yell scream technique the faster you will hurt your voice and it's recovery can take from few weeks to few months. It's not only a waste of your time and nerves but it simply harms your instrument - your voice, and it's impossible to replace your vocal cords as you replace strings in your guitar.

That's why it's really important to begin the yell scream practice when you are more experienced vocalist. "Experienced" means that you are able to produce even a basic, comfortable and repeatable fry scream or false chord growl and scream, and now you look for ways that can help you to increase the level of energy and intensity of your vocals!

The biggest difference between the yell scream and a "regular" fry or false chord scream, at least in my opinion, is the amount of "clean voice" in the scream and volume - in yell scream it's much higher than in "pure" fry or false chord scream. Yell scream sounds more "organic", closer to our natural sound color, but in a way more aggressive and angry "version". Chester from Linkin Park and Corey Taylor are good examples of using yell scream.

There are also vocalists like Sam Carter and Joe Duplantier who are able to do so called "pitched screaming", which is about hitting the notes with a scream,

In this free course I share with you technical information and exercises that will help you to master the yell scream using both fry and false cord distortion while avoiding straining your voice, headaches and other dangers behind the yell scream technique!

Who this course is for:

  • Extreme vocalists and singers who want to bring more intensity and power to own style of vocals
  • Experienced screamers who want to create and master a style of vocals similar to Sam Carter, Joe Duplantier and other vocalists using the yell scream and pitched scream techniques
  • Advanced screamers who are already able to use the yell scream technique but they want to make sure they are doing everything as best (and as healthy) as possible or there is something that requires fixing and how to do it!
  • Everyone interested in extreme vocals and broadening their knowledge and sets of skills


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Sibila Extreme Vocal
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My name is Mateusz Sibila, and my adventure with vocals began in 2012, when, fascinated by the skills of death and black metal vocalists, I decided to try my hand at and see if I, too, can master the technique of making similar inhuman and brutal sounds!

When I was taking my first steps as a vocalist, it was extremely difficult to find reliable, effective and safe methods for developing extreme vocal techniques.

After watching over 100 videos on YouTube, I felt even more lost and tired. I decided that I will go on a journey through the world of extreme vocals on my own and through trial and error, and will learn what actually works and what should be avoided at any cost.

I also decided that once I create an effective and safe program for practicing this type of vocals, no one would ever have to go through the same shit as me and would gain proven knowledge and methods for improving their voice NOW, avoiding all the possible traps that only cause pain, discomfort, waste of time or frustration.

That was almost 12 years ago.

Nowadays, my students, even beginners without any vocal experience, are able to make much better progress in about 3 months than I did in the first 1.5 years (or longer) when I was bouncing from one YouTube video to the next one and experimented on my own through trial and error, which often resulted in pain and frustration that are, in fact, of no use in the entire learning process.

My students develop so efficiently (in addition to their commitment and passion) thanks to a program of proven exercises that have been perfected over the years while practicing with hundreds of people from all over the world.

They focus on getting to know their own voice and doing everything that supports development, while at the same time avoiding things that harm them or do not help them move forward.

Since 2017, I have been running the YouTube channel "Sibila Extreme Vocal", where I share tutorials and tips for learning how to scream, both for beginners and more advanced vocalists.

In addition to publishing materials, communication with viewers is very important to me - I try to respond to each comment in the most accurate and valuable way.

At the end of 2017, I was employed by the Polish Theater in Poznań - the longest operating theater in Poland, since 1875 - to "teach a group of professional actors of the play "K." in the field of safe screaming and growling. It was quite a challenge because we only had a few weeks to achieve it.

The actors, despite their short time and many more important responsibilities, coped phenomenally on stage and performed the play many times without losing their voices, captivating the audience.

Since 2018, I have been running extreme vocal workshops around the Poland, including: at the Konador School of Singing and Voice Emission in Warsaw. Celebrities such as Nergal from Behemoth, Kayah, and Kora took lessons there.

In the same year, I started creating online vocal courses - they are an extension of the YouTube channel. So far, several of them have been created and they reached thousand of participants from over 140 countries around the world.

I am also an active vocalist and have recorded 11 albums, 6 EPs, many single songs (including with the bands Vishurddha, SoulCarrion, Athvarf, Lyktgubbe, Imperial Sin, Moonthoth, Mardom, ZØRZA, Algol) and performed dozens of shows around the Poland.

I'm writing about all this so that you know that vocals are my passion and it's something I live by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I love it :D

However, the greatest satisfaction for me comes from observing the progress and development of my students - it is something priceless and gives me a huge dose of motivation to continue working without even thinking about slowing down!

I am sure that the courses I've created will support you in your personal path to development and fulfillment as a vocalist.

Have a great practice,

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