How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life
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1,743 students enrolled

How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

Easily and effortlessly become more positive and forgiving, instantly change for the better, using only a pen and paper!
5.0 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,743 students enrolled
Published 7/2015
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This course includes
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What you'll learn
  • Instantly change to a happy, fulfilling life!
  • Heal old emotional wounds and traumas forever
  • Really understand your relationships
  • Instantly reverse any negative situation in your life
  • Extend true forgiveness to yourself and others
  • Be in control of your own destiny from now on
  • Know more, live happier, love better - right now!
  • You only need a pen and paper!

How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life is a course that will change your life for the better. It will bring about personal transformation, improve your relationships, give you clarity of direction and show you how you can easily change anything in your life using only a pen and paper. You will understand who you are and why you are here. You will become the director of your own life purpose in a spirit of freedom and creativity without any boundaries or perceived limitations. This is a Course which enables you to 'Know Thyself' by delving deeply into the multi-dimensional layers of your own reality system.

No previous experience of any kind is required to have results with this Course, but if you have done any self exploration in the past, this Course will take you to even deeper levels of yourself. This simple but highly effective writing process will also expose your negative patterns and programs which have blocked your forward progress up until now in your life and show you how to change them into positive, rewarding outcomes. You will be giving your life the meaning that you desire it to have for you.

Before making this Course available on Udemy, 100's of people completed this Course in a classroom setting and made huge, positive changes in their relationships, careers, health and prosperity. These changes can evidence themselves in as little time as an hour, a day, or even a few minutes! Other changes take more time depending on what they are, but be assured, you will see evidence of positive growth and change! Daily use of the guidelines in this Course continue to provide increased personal empowerment, confidence and fulfillment in ways unimagined before taking it. The results can be evidenced from small corrections in your life to major transformations. The simple use of your own hand, writing with a pen in a notebook, can steer you into great joy and happiness!

Positive change is the hallmark of this Course! It is structured into 5 sections totaling 25 lectures, each with pdf and mp3 downloads. Specific questionnaires have been designed to provide maximum stimulation by taking you to deep levels of your subconscious mind and inner worlds in the shortest possible time frame.

This Course allows you to accomplish more in a few days than could be provided with years of meditation. You will find that your personal growth and clarity of direction and purpose have become easy to identify, modify and expand upon. As time goes on, you will find yourself moving to higher and higher aspirations and accomplishments by being acutely aware of yourself and your surroundings. You will understand the conscious and deliberate use of your thoughts, emotions and words to sculpt your environment. More than this, fear, overwhelm, depression, grief and unhappiness will become a thing of the past. Love, forgiveness and compassion for others and for yourself will be your everyday experience.

Countless other conditions will also improve as you will be putting yourself in the flow of natural abundance and effortless living by taking control of your own belief system and becoming the designer and director of your reality. This is a clear and concise Course in achieving personal mastery.

Unannounced bonus material is included at the end of this Course as a gift.

Who this course is for:
  • If you desire a better life, if you are tired of your same old routine, if you want more out of your life, if you know you have more potential but feel blocked in any way, if you are ready for self-honesty, freedom and true self-empowerment, this course is for you! This course WILL change your life! It is simple and fast - and all you need is a pen and paper!
  • This course is not for those unwilling to change their lives for the better
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 14:20

No longer do you have to live a life that is unhappy, that is not fulfilling, or where you are confused, unsure and don't know who you are, why you are here, or what you're doing. When you complete this course, you'll find that you have a whole new purpose, that you are happy and fulfilled, that you are causing miracles to happen in your own life. And this is what it means when I say, that you truly are a genie in the bottle! You will find your genie here!

Preview 04:33
This journey into Transformational Writing will allow you to change any situation in your life, and know yourself at deep, inner levels. It is so easy that it will become a tool that you will have, and use, for the rest of your life. All you need is a notebook and pen!
Preview 06:43
In this Course on “How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life”, when you follow my instructions, you will achieve exactly that. On the way, I will explain how we attain beliefs, how the power of association works, the use of negative and positive mental programs in your life, how to find out what fuels your conclusions, how thought is creative, how to see the connection between your thoughts and desires and what appears in your outer life, dreaming and directing the flow, and how desires push your thoughts into action.
What We Will Cover
+ The Principles
3 lectures 15:13

So, how does all this work? How do we attain beliefs? It works by the power of association. 'Association' means that we come to conclusions about the experiences in our lives and we end up with a mental program that says something like “A equals B”.

The Way We Attain Beliefs
In this section, you will discover how thought is creative. By the end of this section, you will see the connection immediately between your thoughts and desires, and what you experience in your outer world.
Thought Is Creative

Why is it that some desires and thoughts don't seem to manifest in your concrete reality, while others do? All thoughts and desires take on a form or shape on subtler levels, but sometimes they don't manifest in your material world. Why is that?

How Desires Push Thoughts Into Action
+ The Process
5 lectures 36:25

In this session, we will discover how to locate your beliefs and how to work with them once you find them. You can do this process of inquiry about anything, anytime and anywhere.

Locating Beliefs
In this session, you will realize how your old beliefs will resist change at all cost, and right now is the best time to realize that this might already be happening.

You may be wondering what to do with all of the information you uncovered in the previous section. Well, now you will go through the process of change with that knowledge, and you will see how it can have a huge impact on your life. This is where the journey becomes fun!

The Process of Change
You have made it to a most important and critical part of this Course in How to Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life using Transformational Writing. Now that you have made a list of your desires and written out how you would like your life to be, answer the questions in this section.
How To Manifest Your Desires

Now you will learn what to expect as you go through the process of change. You will see, once you are able to leave the “how” up to the universe, we will show you the evidence that the universe has received your request and is working on fulfilling your desires.

When To Take Action
+ The Application
4 lectures 28:47

Timing is an area where many people have the biggest issue. They want to know 'why' their manifestations take 'time'. In this session, you will find out why some desires take longer than others as you go through the process of change to your new happy and fulfilling life.


Now that you know how and why some things can take longer than others to manifest in your life, you are ready to find out how to speed things up! In this session, you will discover the importance of being specific with your desires.

Being Specific

You are now at a most important and critical part of the process of change. By the end of this session, you will not only be re-writing your new specific desires, but you will be rewriting old ones to create your best and highest outcome.

Writing Out Your Desires
The next few modules contain the Questionnaires. They are the questions, that when you answer them honestly and completely, will help you achieve great clarity and awareness, and will help you get started quickly to writing your way to a happy life! Here are some guidelines to help you get the best from them.
The Process of Inquiry
+ The Questionnaires
3 lectures 00:00

The 1st questionnaire is called “General Inquiry”. After you work with these questionnaires, you will get the hang of the types of questions that uncover deep-seated core beliefs. You will then be able to use this technique for ever after, to ask questions about anything you are experiencing or feeling on various levels. In this one, you are going to look into the present state of your life. You will be examining what you have created so far.

Questionnaire 1
1 page

The 2nd questionnaire is called “Your Motivations”. Here you will be looking at your pros and cons, what you like, what you don't like, what you still would like to accomplish or change. You will also examine health issues, if they apply. All this will help you uncover your real motivations, and you might be very surprised to find that they are not what you thought they were!

Questionnaire 2
2 pages

The 3rd questionnaire is called “Fear & Change”. You give everything you experience in your life all the meaning that it has for you. This one uncovers it all. Eventually, you will be able to do this process in the moment with only your mind as your tool.

Questionnaire 3
1 page
+ The Practice
5 lectures 36:40

At this stage you will have an understanding of why you are where you are, why your conditions and your relationships are the way they are, and why your financial situation is the way it is. This next part of the process of Transformational Writing is designed for you to re-create yourself, to reinvent yourself. It is a process of redirecting your power and energy deliberately and consciously to manifest a higher quality of life for yourself. It is what I call “rewriting the script”.

Rewriting The Script
You now know how to rewrite your life. How would you like to reinforce those new convictions to ensure they manifest in your reality as soon as possible? Only continue here if you have honestly answered all the Questionnaires. Only then will you know you are ready to take this session.
Reinforcing Statements
In your journaling, you can use many tools to manifest your desires. One very powerful way to manifest your desires is to use gratitude as a tool. Gratitude is the process of giving thanks for things or for something in your life. For its purpose in this Course, you are going to use gratitude as a process of giving thanks for something that you may not have manifested yet.

Another way to alter the future course of your life is to deliberately create new timelines for past events. Timelines are simply events that occur at different frequency bands. As you grow in awareness, you will find yourself with the power to create many new timelines.

Creating New Timelines

I promised you the gift of how forgiveness and blessings help you manifest faster. When you work with Transformational Writing and discover deeper levels of yourself, and see the changes in your life by writing new scripts, you will find that your desires change. They may move from achieving things on the material and emotional level to higher desires of love, forgiveness, and bestowing healing or blessings on others. You come to the place where you realize that forgiveness and love are the only lasting achievements. This is what awaits you!

Forgiveness And Blessings
+ Going Forward
2 lectures 19:01
In this final section, I promised you I would teach you about Symbolism in Your Everyday Life, and how it can help you consciously realize that your desires are manifesting exactly as you have created them. If you are interested in increasing your daily awareness of the symbolism in your 3-D life, and how it relates to what you are creating beneath the level of your conscious awareness, this module addresses this.
Symbolism In Your Everyday Life

You have seen that your thoughts, beliefs, associations and decisions congeal to form concepts which your subconscious transfers to symbolic messages that manifest in your 3-D life. These messages are programs. They will keep running your life until you change them. Remember to question everything. Make it be fun to explore yourself. It is so interesting! This is the path to amazing self discovery and self mastery!