How To Wake Up Positive and Have an Amazing Day

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Learn how to wake up and start your day on the most positive of notes.
Share positive energy with yourself and others from the moment you wake each morning


  • Come into the class with an open mind and excitement


Each Morning we wake up to start our day. Many times we don't wake up in the best of moods. When we don't wake up in the best of moods we can find ourselves struggling thought the entire day. A downward spiral starts when we wake up in with that bad attitude towards the day.

This class is designed to help you break out of bad attitude routine and start your day off in the most positive of moods. Within this class you will find several tips to help you wake up and start you day in a positive manner.

This class is the first in the efforts of The Temple of Positive Energy to start helping people become more positive and excited about life. Believe it or not but your moods is contagious and you actions impact the actions of all the others around you, starting out with the people you love the most your family, then you take it to work and share it with your friends and co-workers. Making Little changes in the morning to start it out positive not only helps you but helps everyone you come in contact with.

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Who this course is for:

  • Those that want to create more positive energy in our world.


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Rob Alex. Ph.D.
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Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas.  He is currently creating fantastic courses available on Udemy around creative marketing and  relationships.  It’s fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers.  He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences.  This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work – metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the life of your dreams.

He studied business and human sexuality at Penn State University. His Bachelor of Metaphysics, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, and Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling were earned from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. His dissertation was Orgasmic Laughter: Sex and Humor are Unexpected Portals to the Universe.