How to Use Google Trends in 2020 [With 5 Real Applications]

Complete, Actionable Google Trends Course for 2020
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (33 ratings)
4,216 students
How to Use Google Trends in 2020 [With 5 Real Applications]
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (33 ratings)
4,221 students
How to use Google search trends
Marketing research on Google Trends
Business research and data-driven decision making using trends
SEO and keyword analysis based on search trends


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Google Trends is an untapped resource for both marketers and entrepreneurs. In this course, I will explain how to use Google Trends in 2020 and all the features you should start using to make better marketing and business decisions.

Google Trends uses search data from Google to summarise the relative trends of keywords and topics.

In this course, we will uncover all the untapped potential this tool has to offer and understand different ways to use Google Trends with my top tips:

Who this course is for:
  • Marketing professionals
  • Research scholars
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Growth Marketers
Course content
3 sections • 19 lectures • 50m total length
  • An Overview of Google Trends
  • Applications of Google Trends
  • Our Private Course FB Group
  • SaaS Startup
  • Physical Restaurant Business
  • Travel Blogger
  • Research Student
  • B2C Business
  • Google Trends Hacks & Tips
  • Go Specific while picking search terms and topics
  • Use Related Topics for Comparisons
  • Focus on your target audience using geo filters
  • Find new products to sell to your current audience
  • Find keywords for SEO and content
  • Create a Short-term and Long-term Keyword Strategy
  • Find where your target audience lives
  • Use the search trends data to plan campaigns in different stages of the funnel
  • Pick the right keywords for your content
  • Find Interests to Create Targeted Audience for Ad Campaigns

Digital Nomad Entrepreneur & Growth Marketing Consultant
Rishabh Dev
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Rishabh Dev is a growth hacker and unconventional marketer who is exceptional at helping startups grow from A to B by building rapid-experimentation based growth hacking campaigns. He uses the power of leverage, offbeat digital channels, OPNs, lean and agile frameworks for startup growth. He brings 10 years of digital growth expertise, a lot of past decision-making data, and an extremely reliable experience-driven gut feeling for growth to the startup ecosystem.

As a growth marketing consultant and trainer, Rishabh has taught growth hacking to over 15000+ entrepreneurs and marketers through his workshops and courses. As a growth hacker, he has worked with 60+ companies to strategize and implement growth experiments in their marketing process. From consulting Fortune 500 companies to helping startups achieve scalable growth, Rishabh consults all sizes of business and helps them achieve their growth metrics. He published his first book ‘101 ways to grow your startup’ and his online courses on marketing and growth are recommended or taken by teams at Oracle, National University of Singapore, NUMA, Java, Alcatel, Philips, Accenture, and more.

Rishabh published his first book titled ‘101 Ways to Grow Your Startup’ which got a great response from entrepreneurs and marketers alike. The book covers 101 growth hacks that Rishabh has designed and experiment with this in the past 8+ years. He has carefully selected timeless hacks out of his experiments database which can be executed and scaled by the next-generation of growth hackers, new-age digital marketeers, and modern entrepreneurs.