Beginner's Guide to Stock Terminology

a simple stock market introduction
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Teach how to the stock market works
Show why stock prices go up and down
Explain how to read a stock chart


  • An interest in learning about the stock market
  • A desire to start investing in stocks


Are you fascinated by the idea of making money in the stock market? Do you feel overwhelmed getting started investing in stocks?

This simple course is designed to help you get started.

I felt those same concerns when I started learning about the stock market. Through my career on Wall Street I learned the rights and wrongs of stock investing.

In this course you will learn the basic and fundamentals of the stock market to help you get started.


·How to start investing right now

·How the stock market works

·Why stock prices go up and down

·Explanations of stock market terms

This Course Includes:

·An easy to follow guide on how the stock market works.

·Examples to help form a complete understanding of concepts.

·Free resources and tools you can use to right away.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and intermediates looking to build their basic knowledge of stocks
  • People who want to start investing
  • People who find stock terms confusing


Wall Street Equity Analyst
Robert Drake
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My professional career revolves around stocks and financial markets. As a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and as Private Equity Analyst on Wall St, I have spent years refining how to make money in the stock market and pick the right stocks.

The reason you’re on this site is to learn something new. You’re looking at online courses to better yourself and live the best life you can. As a teacher, it’s my responsibility to lead you down the right path and aid you on your journey. I don’t just believe in what I teach, I live it. I use the content of my courses professionally and personally.

Hard work pays off. I’m here to help you progress towards the new life you’re working towards.

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