How to Study and Be Productive - Time Management (Part 2)

Directed to help students and workers to manage their time better and get more things done.
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Develop productivity and time management strategies
Adapt your methods to your personality
Organize your day and week
Importance of mental health in time management
Essential rules for time management


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I'm a sucessful Portuguese Medical Student with a passionate interest in the areas of Studying and Productivity. I'll be releasing some courses to help you improve your methods and studying skills, optimize your learning capacity and achieve the success you want!

This is the part 2 of those courses, where we will be introducing and discussing the concept of time management and its relation with productivity. We'll start by addressing your current situation and a bit of an introspection, which will help you understand what you're already doing well and what you could be doing better. Then, we'll get to the most important part where we'll discuss different strategies and tools you can use and some important rules when defining your method of time management. We'll also talk about a very important aspect in regard to productivity and time management that is mental health, which is vital for your journey. In the end, I talk a little bit about my experience, my methods and my struggles, as I expect that can help you building your own methods.

Take your time through the sections, don't rush it. Think about the subjects that we assess in each video and try to find ways that you can apply them in your method of time management. There are some quizzes along the way to help you consolidate the ideas that we adress in each section. Take the quizzes and read all the answers. At the end of the course, there's a downloadable PDF with the key messages to take home, do not miss it.

I really hope this course can help you and that you're able to become a better and more effective time manager, so you can achieve all the sucess you want!

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  • College Students
  • High-intensity workers
  • People who want to be more productive
  • People motivated to learn

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  • Introduction
  • Importance of time management
  • Consolidating Section 1
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Bruno Cancela
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My name is Bruno Cancela. I'm 22 and I'm from Portugal! I'm an academically successful 5th Year Medical Student. A few passions and interests of mine include Medicine itself and the art of studying and being productive.

In this platform, I'll be releasing a few courses with the aim of helping students (and other interested people) becoming more productive and achieving the success they aspire to. I hope you enjoy!