How to think and use your mind
3.9 (54 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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How to think and use your mind

How to create a razor sharp mind, build powerful focus, create and manifest anything in life- it all begins in your mind
3.9 (54 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,064 students enrolled
Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
Last updated 6/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Will learn about focus, what it is, and be aware where you focus
  • Will learn the tool for shifting focus at will
  • Will understand why the focus today is-- what it is
  • Will understand the role of conditioning during childhood and it's affect on focus today as adult
  • Will have the understanding and tool how to train the mind for focusing to accomplish what you want and not being sidetracked all the time
  • With this practice your work efficiency will increase
  • With this practice you will have more time during the day for yourself as you get things done much faster
  • You will make less mistakes in whatever you do
  • You will have more awareness of your own thoughts and instead of misery , you can generate empowerment for yourself
  • You will be able to stop expecting others to do things for you and make you feel anything -- loved--as you will be able to all that for yourself
  • Will be able to change your inner life, and make it a home. Make your mind your own friend
  • Will be able to clean your own thoughts and feelings so Law of attractions brings you the desired outcome.
  • Able t detach from using illness and complaining to genre ate attention for yourself -- now you can generate your own attention for yourself.
  • With practice you will be able to create it in your mind.. and manifest it
  • Speak English
  • Have an open mind for learning
  • WHo had enough of living in misery and wants to experience life in happiness and peace
  • Willingness to do the work and commit to it A to Z

Is your mind all over the place and unable to focus?
Do you make mistakes over and over again?

Do you catch yourself day-dreaming a lot instead of able to focus on your work?

Would you like to stop creating misery inside you and make the shift in your thinking and inner life to experience superior focus, inner peace and happiness?

Imagine how your life would be if you had time for everything you wanted to?

Imagine how your life would be if you can live calmly, patiently and no need to use destructive anger?

What if you could turn your focus all into empowerment and live the life you always wanted?

What if you could be your own friend and stop expecting others to love you or do anything for you, as it all will be coming with the free flow?

If yes, this course is for you.

Enjoy the step by step process discovering your own mind right now, learn from it. 

Make the shift in your focus to live your life in superior health, wealth and happiness.

All these are within this course, jammed packed with goodness for you.

Now its all your turn to do it.. Right now!! Its your life, you only live once. Create and manifest all the bests you deserve...

See you on the course:)

Blessing love and light

-Dr Zsu

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has frazzled mind and can't focus
  • Anyone who wants marked increase and positive change in their lives
  • Anyone who wants to stop a mistakes from impatience and lack of attention
  • ANyone who wants to stop hurting others with their quick words
  • Anyone who is living a misery inside and want to be happy
  • Anyone who is ready to do the work on the mind for change
  • Anyone with an open mind to learn
  • Anyone seeking inner peace
  • Anyone wants to have more time as able to work more efficiently
  • Anyone wants more patience and calm
  • Anyone who wants to generate more compassion and gratitude
  • Its not for those who are not ready to change, and want to live in their comfort zone
Course content
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+ Introduction to the course
1 lecture 01:51

Welcome to the course, this is what we are going to cover:

A.     Why cant you use your mind?

B.     What are the prerequisites to use your mind

C.      What is focus and what do you want to use your mind on?

D.     Why is the present moment a gateway to the future and practice living in the present

E.      What are the exercise to retrain the mind to focus

F.      How to use your mind to do what you want to do – shifting focus

G.     Shifting focus in daily life - How to see things from 3rd perspective

Preview 01:51
+ Understand your mind right now
8 lectures 38:45

Let's examine where is your mind right now, what are the interpretations you are making.   

Let's evaluate if you are focusing on what you should be doing or elsewhere?    Lets evaluate where is your head: in the past or in the future

Preview 02:36

We are all conditioned, and our mind gets conditioned between zero to 7 years of our lives. Lets look at the specific conditionings, which happens during this time.

Reading: Lisa Bourbeau: Heal your wounds and find your true self

Preview 04:01

In order to tap into your mind power you need to admit that you are conditioned, with all the wounds/pains inside you and accept them.

You need to be ready and commit yourself to the work, what it takes to recondition your mind.

You need to make this decision right now.

Preview 02:19

This segment discusses why is there is one way to live, which is in the present moment. Why is the present moment a gift.

How is the big enough why can make you find the how: Reading Victor Frankl: Men’s search for meaning

4 Why do you need to live in the present moment?

Practicing living in the present moment takes daily practice of meditation/ focus exercise. This will start retraining the brain. The meditation practice – breath observation has the indirect effect to observe the mind. The meditation practice will transfer over to the daily life and help you to be aware of thought, actions and situations.

5. How to practice the present during the day?

This next segment discusses the your triggers. Learn what brings the best out of you and what brings you down. What makes you feel loved or causes discomfort.

Everything which ever happened with you is stored as an emotional memory in your body cells.

The mind and body is one.

Even if you are trying to take something out of your mind- memory, you can’t take it out from your cellular level. You can’t pretend on the cellular level how an event made you feel. You can only block that feeling , but not erase it.

What you can do is becoming conscious about your  thoughts and actions while in a triggering situation, breathe and decide – choose you reactions accordingly to the result/goal you want to get.

Now this needs practice, and meditation will give you this result.

6. What are you reacting to positively or negatively and why?

Understanding yourself is the first step to take the learning out of your conditioning and all the things ever happened with you.

This will help you to develop acceptance for others, compassion and understanding for others and forgiveness to others and yourself.

7. Why do you need to understand yourself?

Lets examine, if you addicted to pain? And only thing you believe you deserve is pain. Most of the time this is the common limiting belief behind why people complain and get sick one after another.

Detaching yourself from using pain to positively serving you is a prerequisite. Learning to be independent and self- managing is a key here. And this decision you have to make on your own to succeed.  

8. What are things and feelings in life serving you with?
+ Making the change
4 lectures 20:49

This video contains the actual exercise of for focus shift. Watch the video and practice the exercise to have an experience of Impermanence.  As everything is always changing, which is the First law of the Universe.

This exercise will help you to develop the inner focus and make the shift at will, when recognized that the mind is focusing on something undesirable for your goals.

Life is a constant practice of refocusing.

9. How can you shift your focus

  • How can you use your mind for you?
  • Catch your mind where it is now
  • Catch the thoughts, which don’t serve your goals and change them
  • The secret is: Mental awareness of your own thoughts.
  • You need to train your focus for awareness
  • Extend daily meditation to 15-20 min 
10. How can you use your mind to do what you want?

Understand what is addiction and how it develops.

Rising above is a life saving tool for everyone to learn to resolve any situation with peace and kindness. Follow each step in the session and practice 

11. Why and how to rise above

This session will discuss the often asked question, which is what should you use, your heart or mind.

Lear why to use the truth within to guide you on what to do and then use the mind to make it happen, to resolve issues and problems on the way to reach the target.

12. Should you listen to your mind or heart?