How to teach English to your kids (2022)

Learn the basic techniques of teaching English to kids
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Learn basic techniques to teach oral English to young children
Teach English with simple and very short lessons with photographs, games, songs....
Learn to teach how to speak because kids can't necessarily read


  • None, it is for beginners


This course aims at making parents and relatives  familiar with efficient strategies to teach their kids English. In 30 short and simple lessons, step by step, your kids will enjoy learning English and will be ready for a more thorough curriculum at school. The strategies are mostly games ( card games, bingo games ...) , nursery rhymes (British, American or Canadian songs) , dances (some of them I have made up while teaching!)  or pronunciation exercises ( English has peculiarities like the word stress or the pronunciation of some vowels). Along the lessons, I provide my advice for you to succeed in this teaching! What is essential is that you and your child should enjoy themselves. That's my priority and it probably will be yours because children are so enthusiastic when it comes to learning new languages playfully. And remember: the value and importance of human connexion is what makes learning easier. Children learn better from the people they love and the people they love the most are parents (mother and father) and relatives!

This course is for beginners and people who are not teachers. 

You will learn to teach:

- pronunciation

- greetings

- names

- the weather

- colours

- animals

- likes and dislikes

- family

- home

- songs

- poems

- quizzes

- exercises

Along the lessons, children should also get acquainted with the culture of the English-speaking world as well as with its habits. Children will also listen to stories to better their listening skills.

Lessons go from the easiest to the most difficult but stories can also be used for very young children.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents / adults who wish to teach young children the English language.


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Brigitte Arnaud
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I have been a teacher of English at the French Ministry of Education for 27 years. In addition to everyday teaching at all levels - primary, secondary and university- I have published several school books  for French publishers such as Nathan or Canopé. I have also been a tutor of junior French teachers and a reviewer at the national teacher entrance exam for several years.

Currently, I have taken to creating on-line courses in order to share my knowledge and get to know other ways of teaching. I am very much into digital learning and enjoy using on-line tools.

I hope that you'll appreciate my teaching methods!

See you soon!

Je suis professeure d'anglais à l'Education Nationale depuis maintenant 27 ans. J'enseigne actuellement dans un lycée mais j'ai aussi une expérience à l'école primaire et à l'université. J'ai publié plusieurs ouvrages scolaires aux niveaux primaire et secondaire. Je suis également formatrice académique et tutrice pour professeurs stagiaires depuis plusieurs années. Pour finir, je suis aussi membre de jury de concours nationaux.

Passionnée d'enseignement depuis toujours et désireuse de partager mes connaissances, je me suis mise à créer des cours en ligne en espérant que mes méthodes pédagogiques conviendront aux participants. Il me semble que les plate-formes d'e-learning sont devenues indispensables pour varier l'offre de formation et surtout qu'elles sont très utiles. J'apprécie leur vocation à toucher le monde entier, cela donne l'impression d'être utile à des tas de gens.

J'espère vraiment que vous apprécierez mes méthodes pédagogiques et je suis à l'écoute de vos remarques.

A bientôt...

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