How to Stop Binging
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How to Stop Binging

Learn how to stop binging, manage your emotions, and develop a healthy relationship with food.
Highest Rated
4.9 (180 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,420 students enrolled
Created by Kimberly Taylor
Last updated 7/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Name the emotional states that make you vulnerable to binge eating
  • Identify your binge trigger foods and test out alternatives
  • Recognize the difference between emotional and physical hunger
  • Describe methods to manage specific negative emotions
  • Practice techniques for managing physical tension
  • Explain strategies for implementing positive lifestyle habits
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Is binge eating ruining your weight loss efforts? You are not alone! But if the binging continues, you'll make it harder to reach your ideal weight and may even open the door to future health problems.

Thankfully, you'll learn Biblical principles to regain control of your eating - one step at a time - in the new 'How to Stop Binging' course.

Isn't it time to feel good about your health and finally make peace with food? You are worth it! Join us now.

"...having been a binge eater herself, Kim's enthusiasm and desire to help others radiates through her teaching. I feel as if she's talking to me personally. With the insight I've gained from this class, I've made a significant breakthrough in shedding 40 pounds of 'divorce weight'. This class has helped to halt my emotional eating." - Cheryl I. Nolan

Emotional eating is the #1 obstacle that stands in the way of weight loss goals. But through the simple techniques in this new course, you will learn how to:

  • Stop the sabotaging behaviors that stand in the way of your desire to lose weight
  • Enjoy your food rather than it remaining an obsession
  • Manage your emotions effectively
  • Reduce your stress and enjoy life more

The tools and strategies you'll learn about in this course will help you experience peace, increase your self-respect, and make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable. You don't want to miss out on this life-changing course. Check out the free previews below.

This course also has a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can preview the whole course with no risk for 30 days. Join us today!

Who this course is for:
  • Those who binge eat habitually and the behavior is threatening their health
  • Those who binge eat occasionally and don't want the problem to get worse
  • Those who eat emotionally and the habit is sabotaging their weight loss goals
Course content
Expand all 20 lectures 01:57:20
+ Welcome to the Course
1 lecture 01:27

Welcome to the course! I am so glad you are here and that you've chosen to make me a partner in your transformation.

Preview 01:27
+ Preparing to Change
4 lectures 14:53
Introduction: Are They Ready to Change?

Review each person's profile and give your best guess as to what stage of change you think they are in.

No pressure...information about the five stages is coming up.

Activity: Are They Ready to Change?
5 questions

This presentation covers the five stages everyone goes through on the way to permanent change.

Preview 09:46

Read this quick 'The Five Stages of Change' document and think about what stage of change you are in. Write down why you made that decision.

Review the ideas in the document about how you can move to the next level and think about some action steps you are going to take.

If you need help with this activity, then submit a question to me.

Assessment: Are You Ready to Change?
7 pages
+ Awareness
6 lectures 20:01

This video give you an overview of what you'll learn in the Awareness section. The information in this section will lay the foundation for your transformation.

Introduction: Awareness

This video will give you intriguing insight into habit formation and you'll learn which emotional states are most likely to lead to binge eating - and why.

The Thought/Tension Relationship

This activity assesses your understanding of which emotional states can make you vulnerable to binge eating.

Activity: Thoughts/Tension
5 questions

This video gives you a simple guideline to determine the difference between physical and emotional hunger.

Emotional vs. Physical Hunger

Years ago, I read a book called "Diets Don't Work" by Bob Schwarz. In the book, he listed about 30 reasons people eat that have nothing to do with the fact that their body is hungry. I've listed 15 of the reasons in this document.

Please print this list, then place a check mark by any of the reasons that have made you vulnerable to overeating in the past.

In the Materials section, I also included audio from a weight loss series I did regarding an important success principle: Expect Tests and Be Prepared. It seems whenever you want to change, you are going to face tests. The principles you will learn about handling tests will benefit you, whether weight loss is your goal or not.

The Creative Reasons People Eat
2 pages

Once you know which foods entice you to binge eat, you'll be empowered to stop "pulling the trigger." Applied knowledge is power!

Identify your Food Triggers
2 pages

In this lecture, you'll receive effective tools to track your eating patterns and emotional states to gain the advantage you need to change your habits.

Discover your Unique Eating Pattern
+ Action
7 lectures 58:29

This video introduces some of the concepts you'll learn about in the Action section. As I was speaking about past books I've read in the video, I remembered the best book I've read in the last year, which is about developing self-discipline. The book is called 'Take the Stairs.'

I included a link to a brief motivational speech the author gave called 'The Buy-in Principle of Commitment' under the Materials section. I hope this inspires you even more to move from "Should I" take action to "How will I" take action, which is where true change starts. Enjoy!

Introduction: Action

This video covers techniques that will help you relax your body and put yourself into a positive mental state to lessen the likelihood of binge eating.

Relieve Physical and Mental Tension

This activity assesses your knowledge of techniques to release physical and mental tension.

Activity: Physical and Mental Tension
2 questions

This video will teach you a simple recipe for managing anxiety and stress.

Manage Anxiety/Stress

This activity assesses your understanding of the principles for managing anxiety and stress.

Activity: Managing Anxiety and Stress
4 questions

Many people feel uncomfortable or ashamed expressing anger, but it is a natural emotion. This video will show you how to express anger effectively, while still respecting the feelings of others.

Manage Anger/Upset

This video provides practical solutions for managing boredom and its close cousin, procrastination.

Blooper: See if you can spot my blooper at the end of the video (Hint: it involved an image).

Manage Boredom

This video provides a look at depression and ways you can deal with mild depression.

Manage Depression

This quiz assesses your understanding of depression remedies.

Activity: Manage Depression
1 question

Like the iceberg that sank the great ship Titanic, so can unresolved emotional wounds sink your desire to end binge eating in your life.

While this message won't apply to everyone, I hope it will serve as encouragement for those who are suffering from emotional wounds to have the courage to face them and receive healing. Then, they are able to move forward into the purpose to which they've been called.

Heal Deep Emotional Wounds
+ Assessment
1 lecture 06:10

This video will inspire you on the value of taking small steps and learning from them to reach big goals.

Evaluate your Actions
+ Life Beyond Binge Eating
1 lecture 05:20

This video gives you 5 questions to consider that will help you to create a balanced life so that you can reach your fullest potential in life.

Create a Balanced Life