How To Still The Mind Through Meditation

A practical way to find inner peace and stability, to face the world.
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Meditation to 'Still The Mind'
Facilitating balanced flow of Energy at Subtle Level


  • No Prerequisites. Well structured course from basics.


Advantages of a Meditative Still Mind

  • More productivity, as one stays in the present

  • Not being carried away by the thoughts of the past and future

  • Better stability in life (mental, emotional and physical)

  • Physical healing is facilitated as mind and body are two sides of the same coin.

How Stillness is Achieved

Mind becomes still when a proper energy flow is facilitated at a subtler level, at the level of meridians, in the subtle body. The stillness is an outcome of the right flow of prana (subtle energy). This is a yogic way of systematic working at subtle level, bringing about the changes at the level of mind and body.

I guide you, step by step, giving you information and teach you ways to alter the flow of prana in your meridians.

When the subtle body awakens enough, through right flow of prana, it balances your brain hemispheres and you shall start to have a balanced state of mind. As you advance with your practice, you shall start to experience a deeper level of inner stillness, which is an advanced meditative state. Incorporating a meditative state of mind, in a regular life, makes you more productive.

Whether you want to learn a meditation technique for your spiritual progress or you want to have a better state of mind for facing the challenges of life with ease, this course is going to be of great help for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Spiritual seekers
  • Psychologists
  • Anyone seeking a better mental and emotional stability
  • Anyone desiring to have greater stillness in life
  • Anyone seeking ways to increase personal productivity


Spiritual Alchemy for Personal Transformation
Jeyaprakash M
  • 4.9 Instructor Rating
  • 197 Reviews
  • 11,053 Students
  • 1 Course

I am an explorer of Consciousness. I explore, practice and teach ways of impacting the subtle to bring about changes at mental and physical levels. It is taking control or impacting your life at a subtler level to feel the transformation it brings.

I started my professional life in India, as a social worker (after completing Graduation in Botany and a special Management diploma), working for the upliftment of basic living standards of people through NGO's (Non Governmental Organisation's). I soon realised that, the true change happens, if only it comes from inside-out, transforming the individual. We can progress as a whole if only the individuals are transformed. Or, it is just going to be some temporary change and not a way to have a transformed society.

I gave up the job and started roaming different ashrams (monasteries) exploring different practices and working on myself. It is now almost 10 years now, that I am completely into this. I spent many hours each day for practice until I got established at subtle level and at some point in time, I managed to journey in consciousness, transcending time and got established in awareness ~ Being In the Now.

Now I am spending time sharing my experiences, teaching, informing, guiding others on the similar path and those who are seeking personal transformation and healing.

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