How to Start Investing for absolute beginners

How to get past information overwhelm and conflicting advice about investing and start investing. And have fun at it!
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Understand why market crashes occur
Overcome fear of investing
Know how to save enough money for investing every month
Understand what investing is all about
Understand that there are several different ways to invest but at the end of the day, we only need one
Determine what investment style might suit them the best
Understand a simple way to start investing with as little as $5000 and 30 mins a year and without being a stock picking genius


  • Nothing - no prior knowledge or resources are needed to take this course.


Are you looking to start investing but are confused by all the ton of information out there? Does the conflicting advice confuse you?

Or perhaps you have some limitations such as you hate financial statements? Or charts?

At age 13, I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which planted in me the seeds of making my money work for me through investing.

Hence, I constantly read about investing and learned as much as I could. After getting my first job and managing to save some money, I bought my first stock and watched it drop 90% over the next few years. I was devastated and vowed to learn as much as I could about investing. 

However, the more I learned, the more confusing it got. There were so many things to learn - Financial statements, Ratios, Charts, Options, Stocks, REITs, Forex, Futures, Value Investing, Dividend Investing, Growth Stocks......AAAHHHHHH!!

To make things worse, I found so much conflicting advice. Some say you should buy and hold forever. Others say that's suicide.

After much struggle and spending almost $5000 on training and mentoring, I finally understood what investing is all about. I realised that we need not know everything - just enough to get results but in a way we like and enjoy.

There are many different ways to invest - we need not know them all! If you're getting confused on whether you should take the value investing course or the trading course or some other course....STOP!! 

You first need to understand yourself. In all the seminars I have attended, I found that even after spending $1000s on the training, a lot of people don't take action. Some don't even open their brokerage accounts! After talking to people, I found that this is because they come across something they don't like and it becomes a barrier for them. For example, some people hate financial statements. Others dislike charts. 

No matter what your preferences, there is a investing style that will suit you and allow you to invest in a manner you will enjoy.

This course is all about understanding that there are various ways to go about investing and the course will show you how to select one for yourself.

As a bonus, I show you a strategy that you can start investing:

1) With as little as $5000

2) With only 30 mins a year

3) Without having to pick stocks or read financial statements or stare at charts. 

I hope you enjoy the course. I look forward to your feedback!

Who this course is for:

  • Young working professionals
  • Understand the importance of investing but not sure where to begin or confused by all the information out there


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After reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" at age 13, I spent a lot of time learning about investing all the way until I graduated college at age 21. After getting my first job, I invested the little savings I had and lost 90% of it over the next 4 years. 

I then invested almost $5000 learning investing from various mentors until finally understanding it.

Today, my portfolio is in the high 5 figures and I generate cashflow from it.  

I look forward to sharing my journey with others who can benefit from it. 

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