How to start a conversation with anybody! Backed by research

Ten easy to use tips for you to become a better conversational partner immediately!
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You will learn to start a conversation with anybody with ease, promise
You will know what to say to complete strangers
and to form a connection
You will even learn how to continue the flow of the conversation
And to top it off: practical challenges to do in real life to make sure you are taking action!


  • You don't have to know anything about anything


What is one of the most crucial things in live? Communication! Think about it.. every person you now call: close friends once was a stranger!

So it's super helpfult if we would be able to have more meaningsful, fun and interesting conversations with anybody!

And that's why I have ten tips for you! You'll learn how to open a conversation, ask questions, use humor, leave an impression and build more connections.

It doesn't matter if you want to intiate conversations at work, with clients or in your free time, you could use these tips in every situation.

and the best part.. it's absolutely free :D I just thought this would be a fun course to give to you guys for all the support and nice feedback that I have been given! Enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody that wants to get to know more people
  • Anybody that has difficulty talking to other people (especially new ones)


Professional teacher & researcher in learning & innovation
Ferdinand Brand
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Hi everybody!

I'm Ferdinand Brand. I have been a 'offline' teacher for many years. Nowadays I teach students and teachers in the Netherlands as a part-time job. Since 2019 I also started working as a researcher for our school in topics like professionalisation, effective teaching and learning and innovation. Besides that I also have my own business in helping students how to study more effectively based on science and I train teachers how to become better at their job. I recently also started a youtube channel to help people with their financial and personal growth. check it out, it in the links :)

I am a real psychology and science fanatic (aka nerd, I admit) and that's why I have done a lot of research in this area for my 'offline' students. I received my masters with special honours and got awarded the title top of the year graduate, a while ago (yeeh). I also trained a lot of salespeople in how to use psychology to increase their sales. I like to learn a lot and I think it's shows a little in my CV haha: I also have 3 bachelor degrees: in Marketing, Health care education and social science education. To top it all of I am a certified personal trainer (which I only use for my own training and nowadays not even that haha) and certified internet marketeer.

Hobbies: I like playing chess (although I am no magnus carlsen, but it helps me zone out) I like watching anime (I have talent for that, o.. and I practice some Japanese :D) 

I hope you like my courses and if you have any kind of questions or feedback please let me know :)

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