How to speak well in any setting, large or small
4.4 (174 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,496 students enrolled

How to speak well in any setting, large or small

Public speaking and talking in small private groups require the same skills. You need to be heard and not speak too fast
4.4 (174 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,496 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • You'll be able to speak with more clarity and confidence and be able to articulate correctly and confidently
  • You will be able to benefit in all walks of life by being able to speak to and communicate with people easily
  • You will learn how to speak with expression so your voice will sound more interesting
  • You will know how to speak at the correct pace, not too fast and not too slow
  • You will understand the importance of good and active listening
  • Absolutely no experience is required. As long as you can speak a fairly good level of English this course will show you exactly how to speak clearly and confidently in a very short time
  • Please note that this course does NOT teach English grammar or English as an additional language

You may have the best ideas in the world, you may be the top  expert in your field but if people can't hear you clearly or understand what you are saying - they will never know how brilliant you are! 

Improve your speaking and communication skills today.

The course also includes as a download my 31 page ebook about clear and confident speaking and goes into the topics in the course in a little bit more detail.

'The instructor is an awesome lady. She is well thought and well spoken (of course).... - Michael

'Serena is an amazing instructor. She gives very clear, simple instructions, and the reasons behind them. My speech has improved instantly and I can't wait to learn more. This is a fantastic course, which I highly recommend. Thank you Serena.' - Richard

This course explains how you can sound clearer and feel more confident when speaking

In my teens I was incredibly shy and hated speaking to anyone I didn't know but I had lessons in speech training and slowly improved. I qualified as a teacher of speech in 1994 and have written in magazines all over the world.

Let me help you speak more clearly right now.

My course 'How to speak clearly and confidently' will teach you how to speak and use your voice so that you have more confidence in your speaking voice and are more easily understood when talking to people in social situations, at work, school, making presentations, public speaking etc. This isn't just for people who have to do public speaking, this is also for people who just want to improve the way they speak in everyday life.

I have been teaching people to speak well for over 25 years. I am qualified to Fellowship level in elocution and I teach this course as though you were sitting opposite me in my lounge. I explain and discuss the methods and then you get a chance to have a go. You will learn the technical aspects of speaking clearly as well as the expressive aspects. 

We cover the technical skills required to speak well and the expression you need to make what you say sound interesting. There are no gimmicks just common sense with a bit of fun!

Between 80% and 90% of information is retained by listeners if delivered by a trained voice as opposed to only 40% if delivered by an untrained voice.

I was  an incredibly shy child and young adult

I was an extremely shy child and hated speaking to anyone and when I did I was nervous and quiet. I was taken to elocution lessons at the age of 10 and this had a lasting effect on me. I did not leaarn how to sound 'posh', I still have my Dorset accent when I'm not teaching. After I graduated form University (having studied Law and Economics)  I went back to my passion - teaching people how to speak with confidence. I qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) and taught for over 20 years and then took my Fellowship exam in 2014 which I passed with Honours, F.V.C.M.(Hons). I have taught university lecturers, doctors, engineers, children, parents, salespeople, teachers, nurses, students, entrepreneurs - since 1994 I have taught people of all ages from all professions from all over the world to speak English more clearly. I have written articles in magazines worldwide and an academic paper.

Please have a look at my promotional and free sample lectures and see how I can help you. I look forward to teaching you.


Who this course is for:
  • This course is for people who need to or want to improve their speaking skills.
  • This course is Ideal for people who want to record video lectures
  • Soft skills are becoming more important and this course will help anyone who wants to improve their communication skills
  • People who want a course in voice training that isn't too long but that covers all the essentials with plenty of opportunities to practise along the way
  • Anyone who has ever been told that they should stop mumbling and asked to repeat themselves
Course content
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+ Introduction
6 lectures 12:57
Important note
I teach this course as though it is a face to face lesson in my lounge
How do you say the word 'something'?
A common mistake with the word 'our
What is Articulation? Free ebook download also here
3 questions
+ Consonants
4 lectures 16:56

This lecture describes the organs of speech most used when making consonant sounds. We use out teeth, lips, tongue and hard and soft palates.

Preview 03:10
How to practice your speaking skills

I spend most of my working hours reminding people to make sure they pronounce the 't' and 'd' at the end of words.

Preview 05:22

The 'th' sound is actually quite easy to master once you understand the technicalities of how the sound is made.

Use your tongue for the 'th' sound

How much do you know about making a consonant sound?

Consonant Sounds
5 questions
+ Vowel sounds
3 lectures 14:37

Vowel sounds are made by altering the shape of your mouth

How to make vowel sounds

The 'i' sound - pronounced 'eye' is found in hundreds of words and the spelling of the word has nothing to do with the sound.

How to say the 'i' ('eye') sound

Opening your mouth is important with all vowel sounds

More vowel sounds to practise
Do you know your vowel sounds?
5 questions
+ Expressive Speech
8 lectures 18:38

Speaking is all about sharing ideas and images

Word pictures - how to share your thoughts out loud

The most important means of obtaining expressive speech

Inflection - bend your voice

Stress alters the meaning

Stress on a word can alter the meaning

Once the technical aspects of speaking have been mastered variety is the most important factor.

Power and Pitch - get variety into your speech

Most people, most of the time speak too quickly.

Preview 03:16

Don't be frightened to say all of the syllables - especially in longer words

How many syllables are in a word?

Learning when to pause is crucial if you want to be understood

Pausing - we all need to pause more when we speak
Facial expression and gesture
What do you know about expressive speech?
5 questions
+ Putting technical skills and expression together
2 lectures 11:28
The best way to practice speaking well

Listen to me read a poem, I have been reciting poetry for over 50 years so hopefully you will learn from listening.

My turn - listen to me speak and explain what I do
+ Extra tips
3 lectures 14:26
Common mistakes - bridging the hiatus
Common mistakes - reduplicating consonants
Go and talk!
+ How to Listen
8 lectures 23:24
Introduction to LIstening
LIstening is hard work
Good Listening
Don't hijack the conversation
Selective listening
LIsten and remember
LIstening exercise
+ Bonus
1 lecture 02:28

Watch this and find out a bit more about me and my website and facebook pages.

Bonus Lecture