IT Recruitment: How to Recruit a Data Analyst?

Recruitment Process for a Data Analyst
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How to recruit a Data Analyst
Definition of a data analyst role and its main responsibilities
Questions to ask a data analyst during an interview
Databases and Cloud
Programming languages used by data analysts and other data positions
Data tools and technologies


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This course is for agency recruiters, software companies’ recruiters, self employed recruiters, or anyone that wants to recruit IT roles for any reason.

In the free training we’ll use the Data Analyst role as an example of an IT position and talk about:

  • Definition of a data analyst role and its main responsibilities (Role definition and main responsibilities);

  • Questions to ask a Data Analyst during an interview;

  • Databases;

  • Programming languages used by Data analysts and other data positions;

  • Data tools and technologies.

This course is intended to make prepared to conduct a recruitment process of data analyst. If you want to learn about other IT roles and become a full tech recruiter you can do our course: “IT for Recruiters”

This course is not just about learning how to recruit one role it is build to turn Recruiters into Tech talent acquisition specialists.

It will train you to be prepared to recruit many types of IT professional. These are some examples of roles we talk about in the course, that are basically the most common ones, isé, the one that you more probable to be asked to recruit.

We are offering, for students that did this free course already, a discount of 20% that is available for a period of 72 hours from the moment you purchased this free course.

Who this course is for:

  • Recruiters
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Anyone that wants to learn a little bit more about recruiting a Data Role
  • Human Resources

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