Oracle Cards Reading BEGINNER Step by Step

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Understand what oracle cards are and how they work
Learn to protect your own energy and to bond with your oracle deck
Master the art of shuffling and drawing cards for readings
Grasp how to use your oracle deck as a personal way of communicating with the force of life
Start on oracle cards business or introduce them to your existing practice


  • No prior experience required. Just bring an open mind. You do not need to own an oracle deck to take this course.


How often don't you just wish that a whiff of magic can somehow enter your space and just tell you what to do, even if only just once.

In our everyday lives, we get confronted with challenges that make the bravest among us question our own sanity, at times. We do our best, but so often we just wish there was a way in which we can receive a quick universal message, like an informative text message from God, giving you a helpful nudge here and there.

The good news is that Oracle Cards are such a tool. Whereas tarot is ancient, vast, traditional and quite complex, oracle cards get straight to the point, when one needs it most. Should you be interested in the fascinating intricacies of traditional tarot, check out my step by step tarot reading course for beginners. The course is available from my profile.

The fascinating thing about tarot is that it has very little to do with cards and everything to do with the pure essence of live. It also provides one with an incredible understanding on how to get yourself out of sticky situations, how to prevent these from repeating themselves and utilising the law of attraction to manifest your heart's desires. Pretty nifty, hey? It may be the perfect next step for you following this course.

Oracle cards are an absolutely wonderful way to expand your psychic ability and communication skills with the universe. They are also a fantastic tool for gaining daily motivation and universal guidance for your optimum life success!!!

Forever love

Adrian Nelson

Conscious living practitioner

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner oracle cards reading
  • Intuitive psychic development


Good Vibes Abundance Manifestation Coach
Adrian Nelson
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I am a born intuitive, who experienced a near death experience, also known as a NDE, at birth. Get the heaviest lifting out of the way first, right?

Past life regression hypnosis sessions I was honored to personally embark upon and facilitate confirmed my ancient Egyptian routes. From here my natural affinity to ancient mystical and white lotus light magickal practice.

Tarot always intrigued me. Nomadic in nature, I love to traveling to different places and connecting with people in a very personal way. Surely, in several altered dimensions, I am all sorts of varied versions of myself in a jolly gypsy traveling party, singing happily, right now.

Fully embracing life is a big deal for me. I am on a mission to support those who are ready and open to it, to discover, unlock, expand, maintain and abundantly benefit from utilising their highest life potential. Always, in ways that serve their highest good only.

Being “born with the gift” and simultaneously being a highly insecure introvert made for a very interesting upbringing. To top things off, my family was poor. It did make me really grasp a concept South African veteran talk show host, Felicia Mabuza-Suttle, used to drive home: “It is not about where you are coming from but where you are going that ultimately matters.”

It is my passion to share my understanding of knowledge, which I believe could be beneficial towards your positive experience of life. I believe true happiness, which for me means inner peace, is everyone’s birthright. If I can support you in finding or expanding yours, the privilege is all mine. Namaste.

From my heart to yours, I wish for your heart many reasons to smile. May your life unfold in abundantly positive ways that make you so happy, your cells sparkle with joy. As Silva Method founder, José Silva, so beautifully put it: May the rest of your life be the best of your life. And so it most definitely is.

Forever love

Adrian Nelson

Life transformation practitioner

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