How to Reach the Amazon Phone Screen Interview Stage

Learn how to Reach and Excel at the Amazon Phone Screen Interview.
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Learn how to reach the phone screen interview stage with Amazon.
Learn how to eventually land a full-time position with Amazon.


  • Apply for an open full-time position with Amazon.
  • Hold a Bachelor college degree or equivalent certification.


More than one million job candidates send a resume to Amazon each year, hoping Amazon would invite them to a phone screen interview. Yet, only a small fraction of these candidates succeed in proceeding to the next stage of the Amazon interview process. The majority of these resume applicants don't ever make it to the phone screen interview stage.

This course will provide you with specific tactical steps that help improve your chance to make it to the Amazon phone screen interview.

In addition, the course covers proven tactical steps to prepare for your phone screen interview with Amazon and to ace it.

Lastly, we cover the two newest Leadership Principles: Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer and Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility, which Amazon introduced in July 2021.

"How to Reach the Amazon Phone Screen Interview Stage" is a small part of our broader Amazon Bound program specifically designed by Nick Dimitrov, a former Amazon Bar Raiser with a tenure of 350 interviews, to help talented job-seekers interview effectively with Amazon. You can find more about the program at the Amazon Bound website.

Thank you and good luck on your big day of interviewing with Amazon. We know you can succeed!

Who this course is for:

  • Job candidates for L4+ full-time positions with Amazon.

Course content

2 sections7 lectures30m total length
  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Context about the Amazon Phone Screen Interview
  • Cultivate Referrals by Full-time Amazonians
  • AWS Certification
  • How to Ace Your Amazon Phone Screen Interview
  • Quiz
    5 questions
  • This is Not the End


Founder of Amazon Bound. Previously, Bar Raiser at Amazon.
Nick Dimitrov
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Hi! I’m Nick.

In 2013, I joined Amazon and co-founded Amazon Game Studios in a series of direct pitches to Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon has since invested more than one billion dollars in the gaming space, by acquiring the game-streaming platform Twitch, developing its own 3D game engine (Lumberyard,) and building top-budget games in its internal studios.

I also became an Amazon Bar Raiser, one of that small number of Amazonians, who decide whether the company should hire a job candidate or not. In my three-year tenure as a Bar Raiser, I interviewed more than 350 job applicants and determined whether they raised the Amazon hiring bar.

In 2018, I left Amazon to start Amazon Bound, a company designed to help prepare job applicants to interview effectively with Amazon. As of June 2021, 69% of Amazon Bound's customers are hired by Amazon: a 6x higher rate than the average Amazon acceptance rate of less than 10%.

In 2020, I added a B2B service, called Bar Raiser, that helps companies to hire as skillfully as Amazon does. We mentor our enterprise customers with proven mental models to interview, evaluate, and hire quality candidates.

The future is now. This is the time to be a dragon.