How To Rap Better With Scatting Like The Notorious B.I.G.

Learn how to rap for beginners with flow exercises used by the greatest rappers of all time.
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The Best Starting Point To Learn How To Rap For Beginners
How To Improve Your Rap Flow Instantly With Rap Exercises Used By The Greatest Rappers Of All Time
How To Find Your Own Unique Rap Flow
How To Improve Your Rap Flow Fast
How To Get More Comfortable With Your Rap Voice
How To Rap On Beat Easily


  • Must believe its possible to learn how to rap better
  • Must have an open mind
  • Must have a safe place to be vocal over beats


Are you struggling with your rap skills and rap flow?

Do you want to learn how to rap better for beginners but don't know the best place to start?

If so you are probably doing what most new rappers do which is learn how to rap in an inefficient order.

Most rappers make the mistake of starting their rap journey with written raps.

The problem with starting with writing raps is...

Writing raps...

  • Doesn't help your flow

  • Doesn't help your delivery

  • Doesn't help your vocal confidence

You only learn how to rap on beat and become great at rapping when you start being vocal over beats which happens to be the biggest fear of most new rappers.

That's why its best to start with freestyling scats.

Freestyling scats helps you..

  • Start being vocal instantly.

  • Find your flow faster

  • Express your ideas immediately

If you started with writing raps before learning how to freestyle...

It's not your fault.

Most rappers start with writing raps because most people learn to write poetry in school...

As rappers, we have a love of words and it's easy to get lost in our notebooks and hide behind our lines that sound good in our head.

This is why I created this simple rap flow course to help you break free, learn how to rap fast, and start instantly being musical with your voice over beats.

This course will easily help your flow and delivery fast.

All you have to do is press play and follow along while you practice the simple exercises with me.

It's super easy and I'm grateful that this course has already helped over 2,000 new rappers who have visited my How To Freestyle Rap youtube channel and personal website.

I'm happy to be sharing this course on Udemy now especially because it's been proven to help a lot of people.

I'm excited to hear about your results after you go through the exercises yourself.

I look forward to seeing you inside!

- Pat

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning rappers you want to learn how to rap better with natural flow.

Course content

2 sections14 lectures35m total length
  • Introduction
  • BIGGIES Flow Secret
  • What's More Important?
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  • Experimental Flows
  • Crazy Rap Flows
  • Level Up Your Rap Skills Fast
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Pat Parra is the creator of Pro Rap Academy and The How To Freestyle Rap Youtube Channel.

He spent years struggling as an insecure over-analytical, wannabe artist…

Until he discovered how a simple freestyle rap formula could be used as a powerful songwriting tool and began teaching it to new rappers.

Pat’s unique background as a guitar playing singer songwriter and rapper in various genres of music provide a rare combination of experience and ability. His greatest strength is teaching anyone to use the power of their own creative intuition to connect better with music and make songwriting flow easier.

Today Pat is the most in demand freestyle rap coach online, working closely with professional and beginning rappers and songwriters looking to improve their rap skills and break through creative blocks.

Rappers, producers, and singer songwriters from all over the world have used Pat’s techniques to skyrocket their skills and grow their lyrical ability at record pace.

Pat is the Udemy best-selling creator of Learn How To Freestyle, Rap Like A Pro And Write Lyrics and the founder of Pro Rap Academy, a unique online video training and thriving community of rappers and singers from all over the world.

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