Audio Engineering: How to prepare and share sessions & files

Learn how to get your tracks and sessions to other the right way
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separate all your sounds in your tracks
label your tracks and regions/clips
how to gain stage your tracks
how to export your tracks
how to deal with arranging tracks for clients and engineers
how to prepare session for exporting
how to prepare a session for sharing
how to consolidate files
how to bounce files
How to create a master track


  • Students will need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • examples of a DAW is Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, Cubase.
  • A DAW is a software used to record, edit, and produce music
  • Students will also need a MAC or PC


Learn the proper way to prepare, export, and share your tracks with others. This course will teach you everything from preparing the tracks, to exporting, to sharing. Producers will learn how to track out their beats and artists will learn how to share their verses with others to collaborate. Sharing sessions and files the right way is often overlooked, but something everyone needs to know how to do.

This course will teach you how to prepare, export, and share your tracks, beats, and sessions. Any artist or producer who needs to share and collaborate with others can benefit from this course. Producers will learn how to properly deliver beats to artist after they purchase a track, or an engineer when it time for mixing. Artist will learn how to deliver sessions to mix engineers, or how to send a verse or instrument track to another artist to collaborate. By following the steps in this course you will be shown how to send your music to others in a professional way.

After completing this 30 minute course you'll be ready share your sessions and tracks with others. This course will show producers how to separate all their sounds before exporting, and will teach artist how to consolidate or bounce their files before exporting. I'm still shocked at the number of people who don't know how to share files correctly. Remember, you only have one time to make a first impression. Don't miss out on work and collaborating with other because your files aren't shared correctly.

This course will teach you the following

    • How to separate all of your sounds
    • how to label all of your sounds
    • how to gain stage your beats
    • how to deal with arrangement of tracks for artists
    • how to consolidate or bounce your verses
    • preparing a whole song to be exported
    • how to export your tracks
    • sharing your sessions, tracks, or files.

Who this course is for:

  • This course for producers who want to share their tracks with engineers
  • this course is for producers needing to prepare their tracks to send to artists
  • this course is for artists who want send their verses to others to collaborate.


Independent Audio Engineer
Christopher "Czar" Smith
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Czar was born in Nashville, but got his musical roots while being raised in Memphis. He worked for a few studios in Memphis as well as owning his own recording studio called the Kremlin. In 2000 Czar founded Throneholder Productions, a production company for hip-hop, R&B, pop, and dance music. After years of producing independent artist, Czar later returned to Nashville to pursue a BA in audio production from the Art Institute of Tennessee Nashville, which he received with honors. During school he began to focus on engineering and mixing, which is where he finds most of his work since moving to Nashville. When he's not busy in a studio engineering or in the Kremlin mixing, Czar spends his spare time researching gear, blogging about audio, writing gear reviews, and posting helpful tutorial videos online to help others learn.

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