如何准备公司预算 How to prepare a company’s budget

澳洲注册会计师资格证 Strategic Management Accounting
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澳洲注册会计师资格证 Strategic Management Accounting
Budget and planning
Management Accounting


  • Basic Accounting
  • Accounting Foundation
  • 会计基础知识


1. 我们这节课是一节完整的,从初级到高级,循序渐进的课程。讲解什么是master budget,然后怎么设置一个master budget。Master budget包含了,operational budget and finance budget 2部分。如何从给一个公司做预算。做Operational budget预算有8个步骤,每个部分,都是谁来负责管理的。

2. 对于考澳洲注册会计师资格证 Strategic Management Accounting 的同学来说,通过这门课,可以掌握,考试重要的计算题知识点。比如说,如何计算Cost of good sold and finished inventory,如何计算cash budget。这节课能够,帮你更深刻的理解,澳洲注册会计师资格证考试SMA 内容,掌握考试中复杂的计算,更顺利的通过SMA考试。

3. 对于会计在职的你来说,希望这节课可以帮助你,给一个公司做预算。知道如何把公司的长期发展计划,公司经营活动,和公司预算结合起来,做出更实际的,有意义的预算。

4. 如果你是一个business owner,也可以通过这门课,知道如何给公司做预算,预算中不同的部分,应该由哪些管理者负责,帮助你更好的计划公司发展,管理公司经营,设立有前瞻性的战略决策。

Who this course is for:

  • 工作需要如果准备预算
  • Management Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Accounting degree students
  • 在职初级会计
  • 参加澳洲注册会计师资格证考试 Strategic Management Accounting
  • 在职会计
  • 会计专业在校学生
  • 想要给自己公司,准备预算的Business owner


Accounting Instructor,经验丰富的澳洲注会讲师,四大财务咨询经理
Zora Zhang
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Accounting teaching experience:

I have more than 4 years of accounting teaching experience, including courses for the Australian CPA Exams, including the subjects for Ethics and Governance, Financial Reporting, Strategic Management Accounting. I also previously have experience delivering on-job training courses, such as Payroll, Fundamental accounting, and Australian job interview resume courses.

Professional accounting experience:

In addition to being an accounting instructor, I am currently working as a financial advisory manager in one of the big four accounting firms in Australia, and have nearly 10 years of experience in financial analysis.

My work ranges from Data Analytics to Lease Accounting, Financial Statements, and Forecasting and Budgeting. As a client-facing consultant in the accounting firm, I worked directly with Executives, CEO and CFO of clients, and client types include government departments and some large listed Australian and US companies.

When students listen to my courses, they will find that I have integrated a lot of my work experience into my courses. For example, in the lesson on the responsibilities of the Audit committee taught in Ethics and Governance course, I shared my work experience as an Audit Committee Secretary for a large organisation to help students understand the responsibilities of the audit committee more easily and more vividly. I hope to share my extensive work experience and courses with students and help students to have a successful accounting career.

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