How to Play - Lazy Lightning / Supplication - Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Guitar Lesson - full song - all chords and licks!
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How to Play - Lazy Lightning / Supplication - Grateful Dead Guitar Lesson


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This lesson will show you everything you need to know about these two most perplexing songs! Learn all the chords, licks, and song structures. Learn how to play and count in 7/4 time. Broken down into simple sections, with lots of extra tips and valuable insights, including lots of great Jerry Garcia soloing tips. Learn some Bob Weir and Phil Lesh parts, as well.

Carlo Zakers has been teaching and playing Grateful Dead music for over 45 years, and provides the most accurate lessons and transcriptions to be found anywhere.

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  • guitar players of any level

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6 sections6 lectures56m total length
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Carlo Zakers
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Hello, I'm Carlo Zakers . I have been playing guitar for over 45 years. I have played in numerous bands over the years, including Tribute bands covering Grateful Dead, Queen, and ELO ... i have given thousands of guitar lessons, and my students all learn how to PLAY the guitar, rather than just regurgitating memorized licks or patterns ...

i love transcribing guitar music. I have always done it long-hand, using paper, but i have recently upgraded to the digital age, and started using computer based TABBING programs, such as Guitar Pro 7.5 ... i often TAB LIVE on YouTube ...

below is a video i created using Guitar Pro 7.5 showing a completed TAB synced up and scrolling along to concert footage! ... follow my channel here to learn how to do this yourself ...

thanks for checking out my page... most appreciated :)