How to Choose a College Major

Finally help answering the difficult question WHAT MAJOR SHOULD I PICK!
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You will be able to narrow down all of your possible major and career possibilities into 2 great options that fit you.
You will also have insight into your personality type, learning style, 2-3 other possible career paths that match your unique strengths, values, aptitude, and interests.
You will also learn strategies to be successful in college that will help carry you through to graduation day.


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This course will ultimately prepare you to pick a college major and career that fit you. You will examine research and theory about the psychology of happiness, motivation, learning, and cognition (how the brain processes and retains information). You will discover what factors influence your motivation and strategies to use to help you be successful in your collegiate career. You will utilize a variety of self assessment inventories such as the multiple intelligence inventory, learning styles, reading styles, and Briggs Meyers to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. You are ultimately expected to integrate and apply your new heightened self awareness and learning strategies to your own academic career to select a career path that fits your unique strengths, talents, aptitude, and interests so you can become a more efficient and effective student and subsequently a college graduate. 

Who this course is for:

  • The class is for college and soon to be college students trying to answer the difficult question of what major should I pick? What career path should I take?

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My name is Sarita Pettus I am an experienced educator in K-16 with 16 years of experience. Currently I teach Learning Frameworks EDUC/PSY 1300, how to be successful in college, in the teacher preparation department for North Central Texas College. I help students learn tools to be successful in college and to pick a major and career path that fits their unique abilities so that they are more likely to stay motivated and successfully graduate. 

I am also a doctoral student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley pursuing Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction program specializing in Instructional Technology with an anticipated graduation date of December 2018. I have a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from University of Texas at Brownsville. My educational expertise is with new and returning college students, at-risk populations, SPED, ESL, inner city, behavior and emotionally challenged students.