How to minimize and reduce the MOQ's in supply chain

Types and reasons for MOQ's
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Why supplier force customers to order with MOQ and how could it be minimized
How to reduce MOQ's rather than accepting it.
The effect of MOQ on the income statement
How MOQ could affect the inventory levels


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In this course, you will be able to understand the reasons and the types of MOQ's across the supply chain.

And not only that but also, you will figure out some simple techniques that will help you to negotiate and reduce these MOQ's.

There are several types of MOQ's under the Make and logistics departments, we will cover this into details.

Enjoy the course.

You do make a difference.

Who this course is for:

  • Supply chain managers
  • Procurement
  • Buying
  • Demand planners
  • Supply planners
  • Material planners

Course content

1 section8 lectures32m total length
  • Introduction about MOQ course
  • Why do we care about MOQ
  • First type of MOQ (Minimum Technical batch)
  • Minimum technical batch Part 2
  • Second type of MOQ (Minimum production run)
  • Third type of MOQ (Materials MOQ)
  • Fourth Type of MOQ (Logistics MOQ Part 1)
  • Fifth type of MOQ (Logistics MOQ part 2)


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