How to merge yourself into Omani culture?

Informative course for a better living experience in Oman
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Useful information for a better living experience in Oman
Learn and Practice Arabic language through culture
Do's and Don'ts
Tips to merge into the social life of Omanis


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This course offers a wide knowledge of Oman and ideas for a great living experience. Oman has become an attractive country for work, tourism and education so there is a need to be aware of the country and its culture. The design of the course moves smoothly from one topic to another to present the content in a very interesting way. You will learn about Oman and the Omnia people then you will dive deep into the culture to learn about the lifestyle, clothes, food and social events.

After that, there will be a section bout the Arabic language which will include ideas of learning the language while absorbing the culture.

Another exciting section is the social media where there will be answers to these questions

How do Omanis use social media?

what is their favourite messaging app?

How can you make the best out of social media in Oman?

The course also gives a list of dos and dont's in Oman which may save your life from empressing situations.

The final section is about tips to apply after going through all the content in the course and how can you use it in your stay in Oman.

Who this course is for:

  • Visitors and travelers to Oman
  • Expatriates work in Oman
  • Arabic learners
  • Businessmen

Course content

9 sections34 lectures47m total length
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  • What do you already know about Oman
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