How to manage wealth and earn it biblically/ religiously

Learn how to manage wealth
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What is wealth mean to you?
Do you think savings are important for being wealthy
What are your Goals? And for you what does success mean!
What is your first priority for achieving your goals
Does happiness can linked to wealth or restlessness? Explain in your thoughts
What motivates you to become an independent and wealthiest person?
A budget is the only key to achieve maximum wealth?
Does Gambling is a easiest way for making money?
Do you think haters boost your willpower?
It is enough for being wealthy in this world ?


  • If you don't know what are the legal ways for making money this course will led you to how to use your spirit and become wealthy.


In this course you will learn how to manage and increase your wealth using your internal conciseness. You will learn  what wealth actually is, what is financial success  you have to put these things into action to map out what works for you. If you finding it hard to overcome  your doubts and suffer from lack of self belief. Please find a coach or therapist who can provide you the best cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I have used CBT in my work for many years and it is very effective at changing the pattern of behavior. As the pattern change, this in turn changes the way you feel. We all find examples around us of an amazing people who help us to get where we are, whether it’s a guidance in the first attempt of learning. It’s never easy in the earliest days. Show some gratitude in your learning. The most important thing is to accept that you are unique and try to understand yourself. Only you can decide how you spend your time  and which of your life and financial goals should take priority. You will be in better position by now to measure what wealth means be optimistic.

Who this course is for:

  • Wealth management and improving income or the way of distinguish between right or wrong


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Hi I am Hafsa. Hope you are doing well  and enjoying my coursework. I am a experienced writer and graphic designer I have worked on different website online and just want to share my knowledge and experience I decided to teach you at my best. Hope you enjoy my courses because I love to teach. I belong to a commerce background later I switched to teaching and writing profession. I love to write also I love to read books  my past experience of writing is I have wrote many articles in medium.

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