How to Interview Celebrities on your Podcast?

Learn the best practises to convince a celebrity to come on your podcast, radio or blog for an interview.
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Learn the art of building relationships with an influencer
Interview celebrities on their podcast, internet radio or Youtube channel
Use the Art Of Persuasion to get celebrities on their show


  • You need to have a platform where you will publish their interviews
  • Have a professional Microphone
  • Have any of the following: podcast, internet radio channel, Youtube channel, Blog or a book


Podcasting is the new Blogging. For every Podcast to be successful, you need to interview celebrities or influencers.

Have you always struggled to interview celebrities or influencers on your podcast, radio or blog? Do you always end up with no positive response from them? The problem is the way you are pitching them.

It's not what you do but how you do it.

In this course, I will walk you through the exact steps and process I used to interview a celebrity on my brand new podcast. My co-instructor Ani, runs one of the most successful podcast and has interviewed over 100 people. She will share her tips and techniques as well. She has interviewed guys like James Altucher, Pat Flynn etc.

This course is an actionable approach to get celebrities on your show:

✔ Complete Pitching Blueprint

✔ Ideas to interview celebrities

✔ Use Advanced Pitching and Reach-out Techniques

✔ Why you should interview celebrities?

✔ My personal recommendations and tips

✔ Proven techniques and results

✔ How to approach celebrities?

✔ One-on-one counseling

✔ Very easy to understand and implement

✔ Rejection-proof pitching techniques

✔ Where to find celebrities?

How is this course structured?

I have taken a whole new approach to making this course more interactive. You will find Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Visual Workbooks, Quizzes to Weekly Q&A sessions.

There is also a Final Test. Anybody who scores 95%+ is going to win some SURPRISE GIFTS along the way.

It's really exciting once you get started with this course. I am waiting to see you on the inside....

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who has a podcast
  • Anybody who has an Youtube Channel
  • Anybody who has an internet radio station
  • Anybody who has a blog
  • Anybody who want to build a relationship with an influencer


Author, Entrepreneur, Investor
Harshajyoti Das
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Harshajyoti Das is an Author and Entrepreneur. He has written 7 back-to-back bestsellers.

He almost has a decade of experience as an internet marketer and has consulted over 1000 businesses since 2007.

He owns three book publishing companies and has collaborated with hundreds of authors.

Fiction author and podcaster
Ani Alexander
  • 3.4 Instructor Rating
  • 67 Reviews
  • 5,155 Students
  • 1 Course

I have been writing since my teenage years. Back then I did not realize that it was more than a passing phase, interest or hobby. That is why I listened to the left part of my brain and studied business instead:)

My business education helped me enjoy a successful corporate career for more than 12 years. But at some point I felt that this job had no value anymore. The corporate job cannibalized everything I wanted to do with my life. It left no time for my personal life and simple life pleasures. And what is more important it killed my dreams.

My creative and independent nature was waking up and making me feel trapped. I longed for freedom. There was a strong desire to follow my passion and to invest all the time and energy to what I love as opposed to the prosperity of a breathless brand.

It took long time to realize what I would like to do with my life but it took much more to get the courage and make the first step.

Finally I signed my resignation. And that was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

Now I am encouraging and helping writers to become authors with the help of my podcast and publishing services.

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