How to learn, study, take an exam, write, and research

A quick course on some basics to improve your skills learning, studying, taking a test, writing, and researching
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How to learn
How to study
How to write
How to take an exam
How to research
How to think better?


  • Need a desire to learn
  • Need a 15 minute attention span
  • Need to be able to sit through an academic lecture with PowerPoint slides
  • Need solid English
  • Need to realize there are no magic shortcuts to learning - it requires effort
  • Kind and collegial learners appreciated.


There are some skills we all need in life, and that we can all improve upon. Those include:

  • Learning and studying

  • Preparing for and taking an exam

  • Writing

  • Research, investigation, assessment, and deciding.

Whatever you do, want to do, or will do in life, you need those skills. This short course offers some basic pointers to help you with that.

Whatever your current level of education, you can and should continually improve upon these skills.

I share my tips with you, which I developed over years of my own learning, studying, test taking, writing, and teaching.

There is a lot of information and tools out there, including artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help us "write". But remember that research, thinking, and writing is a process and not just a destination. Build your skills with honest effort.

This course is not for everyone! It is academic type lectures, using my PowerPoint slides, no fancy graphics, no fancy video editing. It is not entertainment and you will need a ten minute attention span. Take your personal preferences into consideration and see a few sample videos before you decide if this is right for you. If you have a problem or need something, message me.

Spoiler alert: There are no magic short cuts. Let's face it, many promise magic solutions to (1) ace whatever test easily or (2) learn any subject easily, (3) help you become brilliant and with a perfect memory. I don't promise that. I just cover the basics, solid effort, solid strategies, and so forth.

Why this course? I have been teaching students for a while and I also created certification prep course. Students needed resources on learning, test taking, and writing so I created them. But they only reach a limited group of students each year, so it was time to share them with a broader audience including you.

Now I present this valuable information to you for free, as my gift to you.

If you see it in your heart to return the favor with a five star review or other expression of appreciation, thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for students willing to put in effort to improve their skills for learning, studying, taking an exam, writing, and researching.
  • For those with a ten minute attention span and ability to sit through a no-frills lecture on each topic
  • This course is not for everyone but you can try out my lectures before enrolling. And money back if not satisfied. And it's free anyway.
  • Those seeking information but not edutainment. I am not an entertainer, just trying to provide solid information and knowledge.


Lawyer, consultant, speaker, author, teacher.
John Bandler
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John Bandler is a lawyer, consultant, speaker, teacher, and author in the areas of cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy, law, investigations, and more. He is the founder of Bandler Law Firm PLLC and Bandler Group LLC, legal and consulting practices that help organizations and individuals with cybersecurity, the prevention and investigation of cybercrime, privacy, compliance, risk management, and governance.

John has expertise in many subjects and is a prolific writer and speaker. His third book is Policies and Procedures for Your Organization, first book is Cybersecurity for the Home and Office, and  second book is Cybercrime Investigations. John has authored articles on a range of topics and teaches professionals and students at the undergraduate, graduate, and law school level.

Before starting his private practice John served in government as an assistant district attorney in the New York County District Attorney's Office where he investigated and prosecuted criminal offenses ranging from cybercrime, virtual currency money laundering, and traditional street crimes and frauds. Prior to that he served as a state trooper in the New York State Police providing full police services to the local community. He also served in the U.S. Army Reserves.

You can find John online on his website, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

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